What is the theme of So Far from the Bamboo Grove?

What is the theme of So Far from the Bamboo Grove?

So Far from the Bamboo Grove is a story about strength, perseverance, and personal victory. At the start of the novel, Yoko, her sister Ko, and her brother Hideyo live with their mother in Nanam, North Korea, during a time of political upheaval when hostilities are raging between the Koreans and the Japanese.

Who is corporal Matsumura?

Corporal Matsumura is the badly wounded soldier at the hospital in Nanam, North Korea, who has been refusing to eat. His face is heavily bandaged and he cannot see. Matsumura reappears later, when he is mostly healed. He visits the Kawashima house many times.

How old is Yoko in so Far from the Bamboo Grove?

11 years old
Yoko is 11 years old and living in North Korea during World War II while their father works as a Japanese government official in Manchuria, China.

What War was in so Far from the Bamboo Grove?

About the book: The young adult novel describes the brutal experiences of an 11-year-old girl whose Japanese family is forced to flee their home in North Korea at the end of World War II.

Is so far from the bamboo grove a true story?

It’s a true story of courage and survival that highlights the plight of individual people in wartime. In the midst of suffering, acts of kindness, as exemplified by a family of Koreans who risk their own lives to help Yoko’s brother, are inspiring reminders of the strength and resilience of the human spirit.

Is Yoko Kawashima alive?

Yoko Kawashima Watkins, author of several fictionalized memoirs set in Korea and Japan, died on December 8 at her home in Brewster, Mass. Born in 1933 to a Japanese diplomat who was stationed in China and then northern Korea, Watkins and her family lived at the end of World War II in Nanam in northern Korea.

Who lived in the Bamboo Grove answer?

The even stages of Bamboo Grove consisted of Chinese writers, scholars, saints as well as scholars of the third century. Explanation: All these seven stages were getting popular ad their lives were in danger during the Confucian dynasty. They used to live near the bamboo grove.