What nationality is the surname Hammond?

What nationality is the surname Hammond?

The name Hammond originated with the Anglo-Saxon tribes that once ruled Britain. It is derived from Hamon, an Old French personal name brought to England after the Norman Conquest in 1066.

Is Hammond Irish or Scottish?

Hammond Name Meaning As an Irish name it is generally an importation from England, but has also been used to represent Hamill 3 and, more rarely, McCammon.

Is Hammond a Viking name?

Last name: Hammond The first origin is from the Norse-Viking personal name Hamundr, meaning “High protection” and possibly introduced into Britain in about the 7th century. The second is also Norse-Viking and of the same period, but from Amundr, meaning “Ancester protection”.

Is Hammond a Dutch name?

The name Hammond is a German baby name.

Is Hammond a German name?

German Baby Names Meaning: In German Baby Names the meaning of the name Hammond is: Derived from the Old German word Haimund for house or home protector. Aused more frequently as a surname, rather than as a first name. Famous Bearer: Hammond Innes.

What is the Hammond family crest?

The Hammond coat of arms is blazoned as follows in the medieval art of Heraldry: (Granted by Barker, Garter King-of-Arms, to Thomas Hammond, of Nonington, 1548, 2 Edward VI) Argent, on a chevron sable between three pellets, each charged with a martlet of the field, as many escallops shells or, a border engrailed vert.

How common is the last name Hammond?

Hammond Surname Distribution Map

Place Incidence Frequency
United States 90,334 1:4,012
England 31,018 1:1,796
Australia 13,589 1:1,987
Canada 6,879 1:5,356

What is the meaning of the last name Hammond?

The English surname or family name Hammond is derived from one of several personal names, most frequently. the Norman Hamo/Hamon, a shortened form of one of several names beginning with haim, meaning “home” the Old Norse Hámundr, composed of Há (high) + Mund (protection)

What is the last name Hammond?

What language is Hammond?

Hammond and Like Surnames. The Norman Conquest brought new rulers to England and they brought their names and language, a form of French, with them.

What does the last name Hammond mean?