What racquet does LCW use?

What racquet does LCW use?

Lee Chong Wei On Twitter

Racquet ASTROX 99
Strings BG66F

Is Voltric Z Force 2 good for intermediate?

Yonex Voltix Glanz can be a good alternative for you at beginners or intermediate levels. With a 4U G4,5,6 weight grip size and an ergonomic and sporty design, this racket is ideal for a combination playing style either defensive or offensive.

Is Yonex Voltric Z Force 2 GOOD?

The Yonex Voltric Z Force 2 is a hard-hitting racket that is tailored for advanced players. It has a heavy-head that provides it with great power, especially when it comes to smashes. Without a doubt, it has the right to be dubbed as one of the world’s best badminton racket.

Is Voltric Z Force 2 discontinued?

Yonex Voltric Z-Force II ( discontinued )

Is Voltric better than Astrox?

The Yonex Astrox 99 has a stiff flex with its weight more evenly balanced in the head of the frame which can make it only slightly more forgiving. Voltric Z Force II has an extra-stiff flex with a unique aerodynamic frame that cuts air resistance and gives great power to your shots.

How much is Yonex Voltric Z Force 2?

₹10,999.00 Fulfilled FREE Delivery.

Does momota use 3U or 4U?

llrr Regular Member. Kento Momota is using an atrox 99 4u G6. You should stop with your theory about MS always have to use 3U to yield victory.

Which Yonex series is best?

But here is a list of 7 among some of the best Yonex rackets out there.

  • 1) Nanoray 900. Yonex uses unique technology to design the Nanoray which offers a highly flexible frame.
  • 3) Voltric Z Force-II.
  • 4) Nanoray Z-Speed.
  • 5) Arcsaber i-Slash.
  • 6) Carbonex 8000N.
  • 7) Yonex Duora 10.

What is LD in Yonex?

Yonex Co., Ltd will release a new “Crystal Red” design of the Lin Dan series-exclusive VOLTRIC LD-FORCE in late May 2019 (CHN), featuring high-speed maneuverability and a heavy smash that can win points in a single shot.

Which is better Astrox or Voltric?

What racket does Kento Momota use 2021?

Yonex Astrox 99 Pro Badminton Racket.

Is Yonex voltric Z Force 2 worth it?

Yonex Voltric z force 2 is an exceptional and expensive badminton racket, but it is totally worth it, many players train hard to improve their badminton skills, and this racket is exactly for those players, a great design and high performance, this is by far, one of the best badminton rackets on the market today.

What is the voltric Z-Force 2 LCW?

The new Voltric Z-Force 2 LCW (VTZF2LCW-3UG4) is a special limited edition racket designed for #1 BWF ranking singles player, Lee Chong Wei.

Which Yonex badminton racket does Lee Chong Wei use?

The Yonex Voltric Z Force 2 is one of the most famous Yonex badminton rackets, this racket was launched in 2014 during the All-England Super Series, and it was the favorite badminton racket of Lee Chong Wei. The Voltric Z Force 2 comes with many new features, a different design philosophy, and many more.

What is the difference between the voltric Z-Force 2 (vtzf2) rackets?

The new Z-Force 2 (VTZF2) series badminton rackets have the thinnest shaft and improved TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM to increase smash energy. It is head heavier and more aerodynamic than the first generation Voltric Z-Force.