What rappers are from Rexdale?

What rappers are from Rexdale?

Rappers and Rap Groups

  • G-Squad (Toronto Rap Group)
  • Mista Bourne (Rapper)
  • Loonie blue (Izzy Strip)
  • Payback (Doomstown Rapper)
  • Nav (Navraj Singh Goraya)

What is Rexdale known for?

Institutions and attractions located in Rexdale include the Canadian Standards Association, Toronto Congress Centre, Woodbine Centre, and Woodbine Racetrack.

Are there triads in Canada?

The Hong Kong-based triads of 14K and Luen Kung Lok have a historical presence in Canada, and members of the San Yee On, Wo Hop To, Wo On Lok are also active across the country. Although undetected in some areas, triads are believed to exist and operate in nearly every Chinatown in Canada.

Who was Rexdale’s Rexdale?

The mid 1900s was truly when Rexdale began to form and it was all thanks to a man named Rex Wesley Heslop . Born in Etobicoke, Heslop became a successful businessman, both in Canada and the United States. He built hundreds of homes in Alderwood, but soon land in that neighbourhood ran out.

Is Rexdale a dangerous neighbourhood?

While Rexdale has had more than its fair share of crime over the years, it’s also a neighbourhood that is constantly growing and evolving. Community centres, services and programs are all working to create a better Rexdale for its residents.

What caused the problems in Rexdale?

The vision of Rexdale’s planners, Hume wrote, was a patchwork of separate precincts for working, living, shopping and playing, connected by expressways. However, this single-use zoning, separation, industrial-scale development and reliance on cars contributed to Rexdale’s problems.

Is Rexdale an example of a new suburban phenomenon?

In Amy Siciliano’s Policing Poverty, she quotes the Globe and Mail saying, Rexdale “is a classic example of a new Suburban phenomenon –an over-night housing development with a runaway population growth and no priorities given to the provision of services and facilities that bear directly on the quality of human life.”