What season is Cry for Help in Steven Universe?

What season is Cry for Help in Steven Universe?

second season
“Cry for Help” is the eleventh episode of the second season of American animated television series Steven Universe. The episode was written and storyboarded by Joe Johnston and Jeff Liu; it premiered on July 13, 2015, on Cartoon Network and was watched by 1.714 million viewers.

Why was Garnet mad at Pearl?

Garnet is frustrated that her future vision does not reveal them capturing Peridot, unaware of Pearl’s deception. The Crystal Gems depart for the hub again. The hub seems fixed and operational, and Pearl is eager to keep fusing with Garnet to make Sardonyx and to keep disabling the tower over and over again.

What episode does Steven fuse with Connie?

Alone Together
The episode “Alone Together”, first broadcast January 15, 2015, focuses on protagonist Steven’s first experience with fusion while dancing with his friend Connie.

Did Peridot ever fuse?

Lastly, it’s important to also mention the character of Peridot, one of the few gems on the show who has never fused with another character.

Can a human and a Gem fuse?

He can only fuse with her because he’s a half gem, half human, so he most likely can also fuse with a gem. So how can humans fuse with gems? The answer is – Steven.

Is Lapis in love with Peridot?

It became fact that the relationship wasn’t so much of a friendship, but more of a companionship, with Peridot carrying all the emotional weight to the point where she became afraid to talk to Lapis about her own feelings.

Is Connie an Indian?

Connie is one of a multitude of diverse characters from Steven Universe. We know she is Indian and that her last name translates as “Lord of The Universe” (Translation is Hindi /Surname is Tamil). With a last name meaning Lord of the Universe you know damn well that’s major foreshadowing.

Does Peridot have a crush on Lapis?

In “Raising The Barn,” Peridot states that she “bends over backwards” for Lapis and that she loves when she does it. She also claimed that she comforted Lapis when Steven was taken to Homeworld.

What is peridots full name?

Of course, since this is an indicator of Peridot’s status under the Diamond Authority, she ditches her full name when she becomes part of the Crystal Gems, but it’s still incredibly interesting. It’s only stated once in the entire series, and Peridot’s full technical name is ‘Peridot Facet-2F5L Cut-5XG’.