What size are Howdens base units?

What size are Howdens base units?

White 720mm x 600mm x 575mm Ready Assembled Base Cabinet | Howdens.

What size is Howdens plinth?

165mm Plinths | Kitchen Fittings | Howdens.

Can the general public buy from Howdens?

Is Howdens open to the public? All of our depots are open for the public, whether that is to speak to our staff about services and goods, to book a design appointment, pay your trade account, or simply to see many of our products on display.

Are Howdens kitchens units pre assembled?

Our ready-made cupboards come pre-assembled and pre-fitted with accessories to make light work of fitting. This cabinetry offers the widest selection of colours and sizes making it easy to create a bespoke design that fits your space and layout. Curved units are also available to create a soft, flowing look in a space.

Should there be a gap between plinth and cupboard?

Usually it’s best to cut the plinth 2-3mm shorter than the height between the cabinet and floor to make it easier to fit or remove them. If the small gap is at the top it won’t be visible after the plinth is fitted.

How can I buy from Howdens without a trade account?

We are trade only to ensure our products are installed to the highest standard, so you cannot buy from Howdens without a trade account. Learn how to open a trade account with us and discover how having one can support your business. You can also apply for a trade account online.

How much gap do you leave on plinth?

Its usual to leave a small gap of around 10mm between the plinth and the bottom of the base cabinets. For Ease of access usually. It’s totally normal to have a small gap at the top of the plinth, this is to help in case you ever need to remove them.

What height do you set howdens base units?

ideally your worktop height should be 900mm. set base units to about 860-870mm.

How much does a plinth cost?

Sl. no. Item. Cost in INR.
7. The Labour cost= 5,405.00
8. The cost of plinth beam= 27,526.00
9. Add 10% contractors profit = 2,753.00
10. The total cost of plinth beams= 30,279.00

Does Howdens own Wren?

Wren Kitchens is a privately owned British designer, manufacturer, and retailer of kitchens. It has 106 stores….Wren Kitchens.

Type Private
Industry Retail & Manufacturing
Founded Howden, United Kingdom (2009)
Headquarters Barton-upon-Humber, United Kingdom
Number of locations 106 (2021)