What size is Fender newporter?

What size is Fender newporter?

about 45.5×17.7×7-inches
First off let’s say that the Fender Newporter has a medium-sized body that is pretty good in terms of dimensions, it measures about 45.5×17.7×7-inches. It also weighs just about 9.25-pounds in total, so you won’t have any difficulty while carrying it around, and also while playing.

Is Fender newporter a dreadnought?

Today, we’re very pleased to offer this Fender Newporter Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar! It shows noticeable cosmetic wear, but is in very good playing condition! The exact year of manufacturer is unknown, but the Newporter was manufactured in Korea from 1983-1992. Easy playability and nice, warm tone!

How long is a Fender newporter?

Electric Guitar-Inspired Features

Newporter Player
Nut Width 1.69“ (43mm)
Scale Length 25.6″ (650mm)
Electronics Fishman CD-1
Other Details and Options Available in Natural, Sunburst, Ice Blue Satin, Champagne, Candy Apple Red, Olive Satin; also available in Left-Handed (Candy Apple Red only)

Where are Fender California Series guitars made?

Fender California Series electric guitars were produced by Fender in 1997 and 1998. The guitars were carved in California, shipped to Baja California Norte, Ensenada, Mexico for painting, then assembled in California.

What strings are on a Fender newporter player?


  • Bridge: Modern Viking.
  • Pickguard: 3-Ply Gold.
  • Hardware Finish: Nickel.
  • Strings: Fender Dura-Tone Coated 80/20 Bronze (.012-.052 Gauge)

What does Dreadnought mean on a guitar?

Answer: A dreadnought guitar is a design invented by C.F. Martin & Company and it features a bolder and much larger body than other guitars have, with also a richer and louder tone.

Who makes California guitars?

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation
Known primarily for being one of the world’s top guitar makers, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) is a privately-owned company, with headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. Leo Fender founded the company in Fullerton, California in 1946.

What gauge strings does fender use?

One of the most surprising features of these guitars is that they ship with a set of Fender USA 250L Nickel Plated Steel strings. The standard gauge is . 009 to . 042, which is the ideal setup for new players.

What gauge strings do Fender Telecasters come with?

Answer: Out of the box, most of the Telecaster guitars come equipped with 9-42 strings.

Can a small person play a dreadnought?

Dreadnought guitars are the most common style and size of acoustic guitar. Which is often why people with smaller hands end up with these beasts. But they are far from friendly to people with small hands and arms. One issue with that style of guitar is that the body is too big for people with shorter arms.

Why are dreadnought guitars so popular?

Perhaps the main selling point of the dreadnought, other than its distinguished aesthetics, is its versatility. It balances volume, size, playability, and expressive tonality, which explains why it’s been used by many of the most iconic guitarists to ever strum a chord.

Does Fender own Jackson?

Jackson Guitars Jackson guitars have evolved over time. The company has claimed that it is the longest-operating true custom guitar shop in the United States, with many of its original staff still producing high-quality instruments. Fender acquired the Jackson brand along with its 2002 purchase of Charvel.

Are Fender Guitars made in Corona California?

Fender guitars, amplifiers and basses have always been made in California (except for the low priced Squier line) even though the company moved its corporate headquarters to Arizona. Deep inside a cavernous factory in Corona, some legendary rock names gather nonchalantly along a wall.