What song does Cassie sing in A Chorus Line?

What song does Cassie sing in A Chorus Line?

What I Did for Love
“What I Did for Love” – Cassie—sung counterpoint to the Tap Combination. In the stage version, the company performs the number, with Diana leading.

What does Connie sing in A Chorus Line?

In earlier drafts of the script, she and Richie had a duet titled “Confidence” about the pressures of being a non-white performer at auditions, and there was also a section about working as an assistant to Zach, much like Baayork Lee assisted Michael Bennett.

What does Sheila sing in A Chorus Line?

Sheila is Debora’s dream role. She first saw the film “A Chorus Line” with her Mum in 1985 and has always remembered Sheila who struck a chord with her and her song “At The Ballet” which is such a poignant part in the show.

Does Zach dance in A Chorus Line?

The Movie. Zach was portrayed by Michael Douglas in the 1985 movie adapation of A Chorus Line. He does not dance at any time, leaving all the leg work to Larry. He is also more authoritative and confrontrational with his manner of interviewing, only softening after hearing Paul’s story.

Is A Chorus Line appropriate for an 8 year old?

Ages: No children under 4 years old, including babes in arms, admitted. Show is PG-13. Tips: You want an empty bladder before curtain.

What is a cut dancer?

​ Cut Dancers. The following characters in A Chorus Line are auditioners eliminated during the intial cut. They may be used in large ensemble numbers, as offstage singers, and/or as understudies. These actors will have a limited rehearsal schedule.

Is Aida appropriate for kids?

Aida is suitable for all ages, although children under the age of eight years old may fail to understand some of the plot and language used. The ethical dilemma of the show may also be lost on a young people. The scenes of sex and violence are mild and are rated PG.

Is Broadway appropriate for kids?

NOTE: -Most shows will offer both a recommended aged limit and minimum age requirements. Generally, children under the age of 4 are not permitted at Broadway shows. – All audience members require a ticket to see a Broadway show, regardless of age.

What do you wear to A Chorus Line audition?

Go-To Audition Outfit: I love a classic leotard and tights look with LaDucas when the style of the show leans in that direction. For something more modern and pedestrian, I go with a cropped legging, tank and sneakers.

Is Quo Vadis Aida violent?

It dramatizes the events of July 1995 in the town of Srebrenica, where more than 8,000 Bosniak Muslims, most of them men and boys, were murdered by the Bosnian Serb Army. The story is extraordinarily tense, but Zbanic tells it with great compassion and restraint: No graphic bloodshed is shown on-screen.

Who is the highest-paid dancer?

How much a professional dancer earns is highly dependent on the market they find themselves in, and there is a lot of pay diversity within the dance industry. For instance, on one end of the spectrum, the highest-paid performance ballerina in the world, Nina Ananiashvili, earns a whopping $30,000 per performance!