What Star Trek comics are worth money?

What Star Trek comics are worth money?

Star Trek (#1-54, Annual #1-3) Values 2019

Star Trek Values #1-54, Annual #1-3
Issue Direct Edition Value Canadian Variant Cover Price
#1 $8 $0.95
DC, 2/1984 1st Appearance of Bearclaw
#2 $3 $0.95

Where can I read Star Trek comics?

Vintage Star Trek comics featuring Captain Kirk, Spock and the rest of the original Enterprise crew are available for free reading on the Wowio website.

How many Star Trek comics are there?

105 issues were produced, as well as various annuals and specials. All were original stories. Two more annuals, under the Mighty TV Comic banner, also produced original Star Trek materials. Later, the weekly TV Comic also reprinted serialized versions of the U.S. Gold Key comics.

Is Star Trek in the DC Universe?

Star Trek was a comic book series published by DC Comics, running for 56 issues from February 1984 until November 1988.

Are old Star Trek books worth anything?

People seem to always think it’s age that makes their collection valuable, but in reality, as far as books are concerned, it’s rarity. And frankly, Star Trek books are not rare at all. Maybe if you have excellent-condition first editions, but the value of Star Trek books never comes from their age.

Who owns Gold Key comics?

Gold Key Comics

Founded 1962
Key people Lance Linderman, Adam Brooks, Mike Dynes, Arnold Guerrero
Publication types Comic books
Owner(s) Western Publishing (previous), Robert Willis (previous), Gold Key Entertainment LLC
Official website www.goldkeycomics.com

Is Star Trek a marvel?

Star Trek was a comic book series published by Marvel Comics, running for eighteen issues from April 1980 until February 1982. The first three issues were an adaptation of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

What happened to Gold Key comics?

Random House had previously acquired Dell Publishing though a series of mergers since 1976, effectively reuniting the remnants Gold Key Comics and Dell Comics. On July 23, 2012, Classic Media was acquired by DreamWorks Animation for $155 million and renamed DreamWorks Classics.

What was the first Star Trek comic?

Gold Key Comics, a subsidiary of Western Publishing, which had put out the first original Star Trek novel, Mission to Horatius, first published Star Trek stories, starting in 1967 with a story entitled “K-G, Planet of Death.” This company, which was known for publishing comics based on licenses from TV shows and movie …

How do I find out what a book is worth?

One very simple method of finding an approximate value of a book is to search for similar copies on AbeBooks.com and see what prices are being asked. The sellers on AbeBooks.com offer for sale new, used, rare and out-of-print books, and we have millions of used and rare books available for purchase.

Are only first edition books valuable?

The most important thing to keep in mind is that very few first editions are actually valuable. A book’s market price is dependent on many factors, including condition, scarcity, and demand.

How much are Uncle Scrooge comics worth?

Uncle Scrooge 9 G+ (2.5) 5/55 Carl Barks stories and artwork!…Uncle Scrooge (1954-2008 Dell/Gold Key/Gladstone/Gemstone) comic books.

$12 Uncle Scrooge #16 Fair/Good 1957
$90 Vintage Dell Comics (1957) Walt Disneys Uncle Scrooge Issue 16!

Is Star Wars a ripoff of Star Trek?

The Star Trek television series was originally produced in 1966, and it influenced the 1977 beginning of the popular Star Wars films. In 1979, the first Star Trek movie was released.

How can you tell if a book is rare?

How to Identify a Rare Book

  1. Check for Anything Unusual and Special.
  2. Look for Signatures.
  3. Figure Out if It’s a First Edition.
  4. Look for Limited Editions.
  5. Examine the Printing Date.
  6. Check for Anything You Personally Collect.

How do I find out if old books are worth anything?

To check the value of your books, go abebooks.com or bookfinder.com. You can also sell on these sites or on eBay. Dealers pay immediately, usually about one-third of the retail price.

What is Star Trek The complete comic book collection?

Star Trek: The Complete Comic Book Collection is a DVD-ROM from Graphic Imaging Technologies, collecting the various Star Trek comic series in PDF format, from Gold Key through to Wildstorm.

What are the best Star Trek comics ever written?

As DC’s first series approaches its conclusion, author Peter David offers one of the most character-oriented tales in Star Trek comics history infusing humor, drama and irony and perfectly illustrating why David is one of Star Trek’s most celebrated authors. Enterprise Logs. Volumes #1 to #4 Riker Special? The Enemy of My Enemy one-shot

How many Star Trek comic strips are there?

Also included are over 1,400 Star Trek comic strips culled from various newspaper publications and sources. ” Ashcan ” indicates a promotional or other limited release copy. Adaptation of “All Good Things…”

What are some good Star Trek spoofs online?

Australian cartoonist John Cook’s online comic strips spoofing Star Trek. Quantum Leap meets Enterprise told as a fotonovel. TAS episode “Yesteryear” by D. C. Fontana reformatted as an online comic from screen captures, and an ongoing series of ST:TAS comics by Charles Kelso, Kail Tescar, Raul Quiles Jr. and others.