What time does Massy store open today?

What time does Massy store open today?

Monday – Saturday – 7:00 am – 7:00 pm.

What time does Massy supermarket close?

Convenience Store at Quayside
Telephone 246) 435-8133
Opening Hours
Supermarket Monday – Thursday: 8am-6pm Fridays & Saturdays: 8am-6pm Sundays: 12pm – 6pm

Who is the CEO of Massy stores Trinidad?

Roxane de Freitas, our CEO, continues the Massy Stores leadership tradition with a firm commitment to our long-established values and spirit. In our quest to remain a sustainable, profitable company, our management structure has evolved to sharpen our focus on the marketplace and our customers.

How many stores does Massy have?

Massy Stores operates 57 retail locations in 5 markets in the Caribbean with several formats including supercentres, supermarkets, pharmacies, express, gourmet, home and our mega warehouse club in St.

Is Massy stores having a promotion?

“Please be advised that Massy Stores is in no way affiliated with these persons and we do not have a promotion of this nature running at this time,” the company said. The company urged anyone who was contacted regarding the scam to call its Customer Experience Feedback department on 609-2878.

Who owns Massy Stores St Lucia?

Formerly Consolidated Foods Ltd. We have rebranded our stores. Super J IGA is now Massy Stores Supermarket, Super J IGA Pharmacy is now Massy Stores Pharmacy, Mega J is now Massy Stores Mega, gl foodmarket is now Massy Stores Gourmet and we have replaced all our Loyalty Cards with one Card; Massy Card.

Is Massy having a promotion?

Does Massy accept food cards?

Massy Stores Trinidad – Remember, we accept TT Food Cards at all our locations nationwide.

Who owns Massy Motors?

Gervase Warner / President & Chief Executive Officer. Gervase has been President and Group CEO of the Massy Group of Companies since 2009.

Who owns Massy Guyana?

AMALGAMATED SECURITY ACQUIRES MASSY SECURITY (GUYANA) INC On the 7th of March 2019 Amalgamated Security acquired 100% of the shareholding of Massy Security (Guyana) Inc, which operates in the Cash Services, Guarding and Alarm Monitoring fields and has 4 offices in Guyana.

Is Massy Stores having a promotion?

How old is Massy stores?

The Massy Group has been in operation since 1923 and has businesses throughout the Caribbean basin, as well as in Colombia and South Florida. The Group employs over 12,000 people in nearly 60 companies across the region.

When did Hilo change to Massy?

Originally opened by Cannings Foods Limited, Hi-Lo was rebranded as Massy Stores in 2014 as part of an effort to make consumers familiar with other businesses operating under the Massy Group.

When did Neal and Massy become Massy?

Massy Distribution (Trinidad) evolved from Marketing & Distribution on the 30th June 2014 when Neal & Massy was rebranded to MASSY. The company was originally formed on 1st July 1994 when three companies, GrellTaurell Limited, Geo F Huggins & Company Limited and T.

How do I convert Massy points to cash?

You can redeem your points using both the Massy Card (key ring) and your personalized Massy Card, however, a valid photo ID will be required at the time of redemption. Points redemption can occur in the following ways: Instant Redemption – At the cash register of your “Home Store” as cash to pay for goods purchased.

Does Massy Stores accept TT Food Card?

Who is the owner of Neal and Massy?

Who is the founder of Massy stores?

Founded in Trinidad in 1932 by Harry Neal and Charles Massy, Massy is now a diversified regional conglomerate with operations across six different segments throughout the Caribbean basin, as well as Costa Rica, Colombia, and the United States.

When was Massy stores founded?

Who is the owner of Massy?