What transmission fluid is equivalent to Mercon LV?

What transmission fluid is equivalent to Mercon LV?

Dexron® VI
Dexron® VI/Mercon® LV Automatic Transmission Fluid is a premium quality, fully synthetic, multi-vehicle, low viscosity automatic transmission fluid that is recommended for use in those General Motors and Ford vehicles that specify the use of Dexron® VI and Mercon® LV fluids respectively.

Is Mercon V discontinued?

DEARBORN, MI— Ford Customer Service Division (FCSD) announces MERCON V as the replacement for MERCON Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF). Effective July 1, the production and licensing for MERCON will cease.

What is Mercon V used for?

Motorcraft MERCON V (Actually a Roman numeral 5 not “Vee” as most people think) is a premium-quality automatic transmission fluid. Formulated & Recommended by Ford Motor Company for use in Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles that require either MERCON V or the old type MERCON type fluid.

Can you use Mercon V in place of MERCON?

The “explorerforum” link had good info in it and basically said the Mercon fluid was replaced by Mercon V by Ford and Mercon V can be used in any vehicle that originally came with Mercon in it.

Is it okay to mix transmission fluid?

Is it OK to mix synthetic ATF with a conventional and/or synthetic blend ATF? Yes. Synthetic ATF and conventional fluids are 100 percent compatible with each other.

Can I use Mercon LV in my power steering?

Mercon LV is a low viscosity synthetic ATF where as Mercon V is a universal synthetic ATF. I believe LV is recommended for transmissions 09+ and is typically advertised as fuel efficient. For your power steering you’re going to want the Mercon V.

What can I use instead of Mercon V?

Ford Type CJ—originally designed for the Ford C6 automatic transmission, it also has been superseded by Mercon and also can be replaced with Mercon V, but should never be used in a transmission requiring Type F. Dexron II is an approved alternative to Type CJ. Mercon—introduced in 1987 and similar to Dexron II.

Can you mix Mercon V and power steering fluid?

require the MERCON V type fluid. MERCON and MERCON V type fluids are not interchangeable. recommended fluid may cause transmission damage.”

Should I change my transmission fluid after 100k miles?

The manufacturer’s maintenance schedule for many automatic transmissions doesn’t call for fresh fluid until 100,000 miles or, with some Ford transmissions, even 150,000 miles. A lot of mechanics say that is too long and that it should be done at least every 50,000 miles.

Can I mix Mercon LV and V?

Mercon v and LV are not compatible.

Where to buy Mercon LV?

You can buy Mercon LV at almost any auto parts store and for sure at your local Ford dealer. There’s no good reason and no excuse for using anything else. Do NOT use any other fluid unless you have a spare $2,500 to rebuild the transmission.

What is the difference between Dexron 3 and Mercon V?

Type F. In the ’70s,this fluid type was a big hit as most cars used it.

  • MERCON and DEXRON. Is MERCON V the same as Dexron?
  • HFM. This acronym stands for highly friction modified.
  • Synthetics. These products are also quite common on the market,and they bear similar features to MERCON.
  • Where to buy Mercon V?

    Supplier: Castrol Industrial North America, Inc. Description: Castrol® Transmax™ MERCON®V includes exceptional thermal protection and promotes smooth shifting. Certified for use in Ford vehicles that require Mercon or Mercon V.

    What is Mercon LV equivalent?

    Motorcraft® MERCON® LV is a premium-quality automatic transmission fluid recommended by Ford Motor Company for use in Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles that require MERCON® LV type fluid. This product also provides excellent performance in electronically controlled automatic transmissions. Is Motorcraft Mercon LV synthetic?