What type of climate is Albay?

What type of climate is Albay?

The climate in Albay is tropical and the weather is generally fair throughout the year with moderate rain showers during the second half of the year. A relatively warm and sunny season is experienced from March to July.

What is precipitation forecast?

The “Probability of Precipitation” (PoP) simply describes the probability that the forecast grid/point in question will receive at least 0.01″ of rain. So, in this example, there is a 40 percent probability for at least 0.01″ of rain at the specific forecast point of interest!

What is the hottest place in Philippines?

Dagupan City, Pangasinan This well-known city receives the highest heat index for two consecutive years ( 2021 – 2022 ) and is at the top of the list of the hottest place in the Philippines.

What is the capital city of Albay?

Legazpi, officially the City of Legazpi, is a 2nd class component city and capital of the province of Albay, Philippines. According to the 2020 census, it has a population of 209,533. Legazpi is the regional center and largest city of the Bicol Region, in terms of population.

What does 80% chance of rain mean?

That’s because weather forecasts give their “percentage chance” in probabilities. The answer? An “80% chance of rain” means that there is an 80% chance that rain will fall somewhere within the forecasted area. Rain refers to 0.01 inch or more.

What does 70% rain mean?

Still, most people stay dry. 40%-50% – SCATTERED – Roughly half of the area will encounter a shower or storm. 60%-70% – NUMEROUS – Much of the area is covered so it’s likely you will get wet. 80%-100% – WIDESPREAD – The entire area is covered with showers and storms so everyone gets rain!

What is the coldest province in the Philippines?

Lantapan The coldest of the cold is Lantapan, a breakaway district of Malaybalay on the slopes of the Kitanglad mountain range. Lantapan is so cold that dew sometimes lingers as late as noon.

Why do tourists visit Albay?

Albay is easily known to travelers all over the globe because of the stunningly beautiful Mayon Volcano as well as a number of exciting activities. Albay, best-known as the home of the enchantingly beautiful Mayon Volcano, is a province rich in heritage sites as well as natural and man-made attractions.