What type of compressors are used in chillers?

What type of compressors are used in chillers?

Compressors used in YORK® Chillers include centrifugal, screw and scroll. Centrifugal compressors rely on centrifugal force to compress refrigerant vapor. These are ideal for complex projects with medium to large cooling loads, such as hospitals, universities or naval ships.

Who owns sabroe?

— York International Corp., a heating-and-refrigeration equipment manufacturer, said it agreed to acquire Sabroe AS of Denmark for $415 million, plus $175 million in assumed debt. York said that the acquisition of Sabroe would create the world’s largest industrial-refrigeration company.

Which compressor is best for chiller plant?

Centrifugal Compressors These compressors are also available in hermetic and open models, where the open construction offers higher efficiency. At rated load, centrifugal compressors are more efficient than both reciprocating and rotary-screw compressors.

What are the four types of compressors for chiller systems?

Chase Chillers feature four different types of positive displacement compressors: reciprocating, rotary vane, scroll, and screw. The compressor type largely aligns with the size and capacity of the chiller itself. Continue reading below for more information on the basics of the different compressor types.

Which type of chiller is best?

Water-Cooled Chillers

  • Water-cooled chillers are generally more efficient than air-cooled chillers.
  • They have a quieter operation than air-cooled systems.
  • They are suitable for both small-scale and commercial-scale cooling.
  • Portable solutions are available for facilities with space constraints.

What is a YORK chiller?

Engineered for Lowest Total Cost. With a wide range of types, capacities and sustainable refrigerant options, YORK® is a leader in air-cooled chiller solutions. We engineer compact, energy-efficient chillers that are easy to maintain and are tailored to fit almost any application. DOWNLOAD PRODUCT LINE CARD.

What company owns Johnson Controls?


  • American Dynamics. Bentel Security.
  • CEM Systems. DSC.
  • Exacq. HOLIS.
  • Illustra. Kantech.
  • Software House. Visonic.

What is TR of chiller?

A ton of refrigeration (TR) is a unit of heat extraction capacity of the refrigeration or cooling equipment. Generally, TR is defined as the amount of heat transferred to freeze or melt 1 short ton of ice at 0 deg. C in 24 hours. 1 TR is approximately equal to 12000 BTU or 3024 Kcal/hr of energy/heat load.

What are the 2 main types of chillers?

Different Types of Chillers

  • Centrifugal Chillers: This type of chiller turns kinetic energy into static energy through compression.
  • Absorption Chillers: These chillers send steam or hot water through tubes, where they boil off the refrigerant and turn into vapor, which moves into the condenser.

Who makes YORK chillers?

Johnson Controls
With YORK® Chiller Solutions from Johnson Controls, we help you respond to your building efficiency needs by providing the widest variety water and air-cooled industrial and commercial chillers on the market.