What was an argument against the Equal Rights Amendment?

What was an argument against the Equal Rights Amendment?

Opponents of the ERA focused on traditional gender roles, such as how men do the fighting in wartime. They argued that the amendment would guarantee the possibility that women would be subject to conscription and be required to have military combat roles in future wars if it were passed.

What were the arguments for the Equal Rights Amendment?

A major argument in favor of the ERA is that it would guarantee that all citizens, regardless of sex, are treated equally under the law. Currently, the 14th Amendment gives equal rights to all citizens but does not explicitly mention women.

Why did the Equal Rights Amendment fail in 1923?

But the amendment failed to gain much widespread support in the 1920s partly because it divided members of the women’s movement along class lines.

Which statement explains why some women’s rights activists opposed passage of the ERA?

Which statement explains why some women’s rights activists opposed passage of the ERA? They were worried that ratification of the ERA would erase legal benefits women had gained during the 1960s.

Why did the women’s movement fail?

In summary, the women’s movement did not succeed in finding equality as the movement produced discrimination toward minority groups, created an unforgettable backlash of radical feminism as a whole and caused women to fix the inequalities that the movement created by opening the doors for liberal feminism.

Why did the Equal Rights Amendment ERA fail to become a constitutional amendment quizlet?

Why did the equal rights amendment (ERA) fail to become a constitutional amendment? It was not ratified by the states.

Was the women’s liberation movement successful?

The Women’s Liberation Movement was successful in many of its campaigns, including this one – to criminalise violence in marriage, which was legal in the UK until it was made a crime in 1991. Many second wave feminists were also active in the peace movement, campaigning against nuclear weapons.

How successful was the women’s rights movement?

The women’s movement was most successful in pushing for gender equality in workplaces and universities. The passage of Title IX in 1972 forbade sex discrimination in any educational program that received federal financial assistance. The amendment had a dramatic affect on leveling the playing field in girl’s athletics.

When did Phyllis Schlafly oppose the ERA?

In 1972, when Schlafly began her campaign against the Equal Rights Amendment, the ERA had already been ratified by 28 of the required 38 states.

What were the arguments of Phyllis Schlafly?

Schlafly’s argument was that women’s rights were already protected under the Constitution and that the ERA would undermine the family, “the basic unit of society, which is ingrained in the laws and customs of our Judeo-Christian civilization”.

What was a major criticism of the Equal Rights Amendment quizlet?

What was a major criticism of the Equal Rights Amendment? The ERA was a threat to traditional family life.

Why was the ERA a failure?

The equality rhetoric of the ERA and its proponents could not overcome the fears engendered by the campaign against its ratification. The sight of traditional women vocalizing their opposition to the amendment altered the political dynamic in enough states to cause the ERA’s failure.

What were some failures of the women’s rights movement?

Failures: Some still did not see women as equal to men. Still not able to be a women and have sole ownership of property.

What were the failures of the women’s movement?