What was the most popular boy name in 1973?

What was the most popular boy name in 1973?

Most Popular Baby Names in 1973

Boys Girls
Rank Name Name
1 Michael Jennifer
2 Christopher Amy
3 Jason Michelle

What are some hippie boy names?

Hippie Boy Names for Your Free Spirit

Brooks Small stream English
Dylan Great tide Welsh
Eagle Large bird of prey American
Ever Always American
Everest English

What is the name for babies born in the 70s?

Let’s face it. If you were born in the generation 1965 through mid-1980’s, you are just past the cusp of the “Baby Boomers” generation that ended circa 1965. Your official generation moniker is “Generation X.”

What were the most popular boy names in 1974?

Most Popular Baby Boy Names in 1974

Rank Name Count
1 Michael 67,580
2 Jason 54,772
3 Christopher 48,601
4 David 41,810

What is the prettiest boy name?

Good Boy Names for Your Beautiful Baby

Boone Good Latin
Darien Gift Greek
David Beloved Hebrew
Dawson Son of David English
Declan Full of goodness Irish

What boy name means Forest?

Faunus – This French name means God of Forests. Flint – An English name referring to a hard grey rock you can find in the forest. Forrest – An English name for the woods. Forrester – An American name meaning of the Forest.

What are the top 5 boy names?

– United States. According to the money-saving website, Liam is currently the US’ favourite boy name while Olivia is the most popular girls’ option. – Australia. Similar to the US, Noah and Ava both make the list of top five popular boys and girls names in Australia too. – Germany. – Netherlands. – Norway. – Sweden. – Ireland. – Scotland.

What are some classic boy names?

Some major baby boy name trends affecting the popular boy names list right now include boy names that end in O such as Arlo and Milo, ancient names such as Cassius and Atlas, and Biblical names such as Ezra and Asher. Nameberry’s top 2000 baby boy names are updated monthly to give you an (almost) real-time look at the names that are most

What are the most popular boys names?


  • Amelia
  • Isla
  • Ava
  • Mia
  • Ivy
  • Lily
  • Isabella
  • Rosie
  • Sophia
  • What is the best boy name?

    To see just how popular these names were, Stacker compiled a list of the most popular baby names for boys in the 80s in Missouri using data Americans can still hold onto some of the best aspects of the ‘80s, including baby names (some things never