What year is my Ski-Doo?

What year is my Ski-Doo?

The model year is one year after the date of manufacturer. If your machine was made in 1995, it is a 1996 model! Starting in the 2000 model year, Ski-Doo began using a longer integrated model and serial number. Again, the four digit model number is the key item.

What does the R stand for in Ski-Doo?

In Ski-Doo speak, “X” stands for “extreme” and “RS” means “racer special.” So, it should come as no surprise that the X-RS shines when charging extremely hard through the harsh moguls like a wannabe snocross or cross-country racer.

Where are Skidoos manufactured?


Who bought Moto-Ski?

They also manufactured and sold mini-bikes called Moto-Skeeters only for two years, 1971 and 1972. Moto-Skis were available with engines manufactured by Hirth, BSE, JLO, and several other manufacturers until they were purchased in March 1975 by Bombardier (the manufacturer of Ski-Doo snowmobiles).

How do you run a VIN number on a snowmobile?

How do I check a VIN number on a snowmobile? The VIN number is found on the right side of the tunnel on the body of a snowmobile. Once you find it, write down the number and call your machine’s manufacturer for a comprehensive check.

Where is the serial number on a Ski Doo?

It can be found on the right side tunnel between the certification label and emissions certification label. The VIN can be found on a sticker and also is etched into the tunnel.

What does ACE stand for in Skidoo?

ACE – Advanced Combustion Efficiency – the name of Ski-Doo’s 4-stroke engines. BRP – Bombardier Recreational Product – the company that manufactures Ski-Doos.

When did Moto-Ski go out of business?

Moto-Ski was a snowmobile brand. Moto Skis were first manufactured in 1963. The Moto-Ski company of LaPocatière, Québec, Canada was purchased in 1971 by Bombardier. The last year of production was 1985.

Where were Moto-Ski snowmobiles made?

La Pocatiere, Quebec
Where Were Moto-Ski snowmobiles Made? Moto-Ski snowmobiles were first made in La Pocatiere, Quebec, Canada. The Les Industries Bouchard production facility was located on the south side of the St. Lawrence River in La Pocatiere.

How do you know if a snowmobile is stolen?

NICB’s VINCheck is a free service provided to the public to assist in determining if a vehicle has been reported as stolen, but not recovered, or has been reported as a salvage vehicle by cooperating NICB member insurance companies. To perform a search, a vehicle identification number (VIN) is required.

Where is the serial number on a skidoo?

The VIN number on a snowmobile is found on the machine’s right side, located on the tunnel near where your leg would sit when you ride.

How do I identify a snowmobile?

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique number used to identify your Polaris snowmobile. It can be found on the right side tunnel between the certification label and emissions certification label. The VIN can be found on a sticker and also is etched into the tunnel.

What is the tunnel on a snowmobile?

Snowmobile tunnels are also known as running boards. You can find the tunnels on both sides of the sled, their function is to provide a place you can rest your feet as you ride. They allow you to stabilize yourself for better control as you’re riding the snowmobile.

Which Ski-Doo engines are 4 stroke?


  • 850 E-TEC Turbo R.
  • 850 E-TEC.
  • 600R E-TEC.
  • 600 EFI.
  • 900 ACE Turbo R.
  • 900 ACE Turbo.
  • 900 ACE.
  • 600 ACE.

What is better a long track or short track snowmobile?

Short tracks mostly have shorter lugs, allowing sleds to hit peak levels even quicker than long-tracked snowmobiles. Since they don’t perform well on new snow, they’re better used on established paths. Furthermore, since the tracks have a reduced footprint, they can bear less weight.

Will a snowmobile fit on a 4×8 trailer?

A small trailer can only fit one small snowmobile. If you have a mini sled, then you may resort to a 4×8 trailer. You can fit a snowmobile with almost the same width as the trailer and haul it for more than a hundred miles.

What kind of engine does a Ski Doo Citation 4500 have?

Specifications For The 1980 Ski-Doo Citation 4500. Engine- Rotax two-stroke, piston-port, two-cylinder 368.3cc. Cooling: Fan-cooled. Bore/Stroke: 62mm X 61mm. Carburetor: Single Mikuni VM 43-229.

What is the difference between a Ski Doo Citation and Olympique?

The earlier Citation was a small chassis model with a 300cc engine marketed in 1978 and 1979. The Olympique had been a fixture in the Ski-Doo line-up since 1965. The Citation received an all new chassis with an aluminum tunnel and steel front section, along with an all rubber track.

When did the Ski Doo Citation come out?

Ski-Doo launched a completely revamped line for the 1980 model year and a big part of that roll-out was an all-new mid-range series called Citation. Positioned between the Elan and Everest models, the Citation was replacing the venerable Olympique and the previous version of the Citation.

What was the original name of the Ski Doo?

The original name was Ski-Dog, but a typographical error in a Bombardier brochure changed the name Ski-Dog to Ski-Doo. The first Ski-Doos found customers with missionaries, trappers, prospectors, land surveyors and others who need to travel in snowy, remote areas.