What year was the Corvette in the show Route 66?

What year was the Corvette in the show Route 66?

The Route 66 Corvettes The Chevrolet Corvette seen in the first episode (“Black November”, October 7, 1960) was a 1960 model; a 1961 model was used the rest of that season. Chevrolet supplied Corvettes for the duration of the series, upgrading every season to the latest models.

What kind of car did they drive in Route 66 TV show?

Chevy Corvette
You don’t have to be “older” to appreciate the fact that the Chevy Corvette was a huge part of the show Route 66, which debuted on October 7, 1960, and ran through March of 1964. You could say it was the car that made the show.

What is a 1960 Corvette worth?

For a used or restored 1960 Corvette, the prices from ClassicCars.com range from $75,000 to $165,000 depending on the condition of the car. According to the J.D. Power and NADA Guide values, the average 1960 Corvette base prices are: Original MSRP: $3,672. Current low retail value: $39,600.

What is Route 66 called today?

Later, US 66 was advertised by the U.S. Highway 66 Association as “The Main Street of America”. The title had also been claimed by supporters of US 40, but the US 66 group was more successful. In the John Steinbeck novel The Grapes of Wrath, the highway is called “The Mother Road”, its prevailing title today.

Why was the TV show Route 66 Cancelled?

NBC aired only four episodes before cancelling the revival due to low ratings. A pilot featuring different casting was also produced.

Was there an old TV show called Route 66?

Route 66 is an American adventure crime drama television series that premiered on CBS on October 7, 1960, and ran until March 20, 1964, for a total of 116 episodes.

What engine was in a 1960 Corvette?

283 ci. V-8

Model: 1960 Corvette
Engine: 283 ci. V-8 (fuel injected or carbureted) – multiple-horsepower options available
VIN: 00867S100001 – 00867S110261
Transmission: 3-speed manual (standard), 4-speed manual (optional), 2-speed Powerglide (optional)
Original Price: $3,872.00

How many 1962 Corvettes are still on the road?

Despite their slow, heavy steering and an archaic kingpin-type front suspension, about a hundred 1962 Corvettes have survived, based on Hagerty sales data. Various dealers and car traders around the country still have 1962 models available, but what can you expect to pay?

Who wrote the Route 66 theme song?

Nelson RiddleRoute 66 Theme / Composer

How fast can a 1960 Corvette go?

1960 Corvette Performance

Performance Results Standard RPO 469C
Power displacement (cu.ft./mile) 230.3 230.3
Displacement factor (cu.ft./mile) 139.8 140.6
0 – 60 mph (seconds) 8.4
Top Speed (mph) 124

What is the current value of a very fine 1962 Corvette?

If legendary racing Corvettes aren’t in your future, a recent search of Hemmings.com turned up more than 50 1962 Corvettes ranging in price from $24,750 for a project car to $215,000 for a resto-modded Corvette built with modern Corvette suspension parts and an LS3 engine.

What is the greatest corvette of the 60s?

As most of you have probably guessed, especially with the ’63 out of the way at #2, Corvette Blogger’s greatest of the 60s is the 1967 version. The 1967 Corvette isn’t just the best of the ’60s, but it would certainly be in the running for greatest Corvette of time.

When did the Corvette become a sports car?

1965 marked a turning point for the Corvette. What was originally imagined as an American take on the pure, light sports cars of Europe had continued to hone its “sporty” attributes but in 1965, it muscled-up and became the shock and awe brute that we have all come to know and love.

How many corvettes were in Le Mans 1960?

In fact, 1960 saw three Corvettes run at the famous “24 Hours of Le Mans”. Owned by yachtsman and one-time car builder Briggs Cunningham, the Corvette proved it’s mettle against some of the staunchest competitors in the world.

How many corvettes were made in 1965?

The convertible was still the more popular choice among customers with total production reaching 15,378 vs. the 8,186 coupes ordered in ’65. 1965 marked a turning point for the Corvette.