When did Kobe dunk on Dwight Howard?

When did Kobe dunk on Dwight Howard?

On Nov. 12, 2014, Kobe Bryant threw it down on Dwight Howard in this lookback at one of the Black Mamba’s nastiest dunks.

What game did Kobe dunk on Dwight Howard?

Fernando Medina-NBAE Prior to Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard crossing paths in the NBA Finals or becoming teammates, this day in Los Angeles Lakers history saw one of the more memorable dunks of the five-time champion’s career. On Nov. 12, 2004, the Lakers were in Orlando to face the Magic.

Did Kobe Bryant dunk on Yao Ming?

In one of the most talked-about dunks of his career, Kobe Bryant threw down a massive dunk over Rockets center Yao Ming during a 2003 game. Watch as Bryant dribbles around a screen from Rick Fox and puts Yao on a poster. Bryant scored 52 points as the Lakers won the game 106-99 in double overtime.

Did Kobe dunk on LeBron James?

LeBron James and Kobe Bryant did the same dunk on the same basket 19 years apart. In a game against Houston on Thursday, James jumped off his left foot, gripped the ball with both hands and swept it with outstretched arms from the right side of his face around his lower body and made a two-handed reverse jam.

Who posterized Kobe?

“Kobe Bryant got dunked on by 37 year old Charles Barkley”: When the Rockets star put the young Lakers legend on a poster in the Playoffs. A 37 year old Charles Barkley once put Kobe Bryant on a poster when the Rockets played the Lakers in the 1999 NBA Playoffs.

Who dunked on Kobe?

Who has dunked on Yao Ming?

The retired guard stars in a new social media video sharing the game thoughts that ran through his head as he dunked on Yao Ming, one of the NBA’s tallest players ever. Ginobili, now 44, shows glimpses of the on-screen charisma that made him a Time Warner commercial favorite in the early 2000s (you know the ones).

What year did Kobe dunk on Ben Wallace?

When talking about this season, Van Exel recounted how during the 1997 preseason, Kobe told his teammates that he was going to cross up Ben Wallace and dunk on him. Sure enough, he did just that and it resulted in this being one of the most iconic posters he’s ever had in his 20-year storied career.

When did Kobe dunk on LeBron?

What was the greatest poster dunk of all time?

Lakers: On This Date In 1997, Kobe Bryant Had Possibly the Greatest Poster Dunk of All Time. The legendary career of Kobe Bryant has some of the best poster dunks of all time.

Has Michael Jordan been dunked on?

Michael Jordan got blocked by Hakeem Olajuwon and subsequently dunked on him in the same game between the Bulls and the Rockets. It doesn’t get any gutsier than Michael Jordan taking on perhaps the greatest defender in the history of the league inside of the paint.

Does Yao Ming have to jump to dunk?

Yao Ming didn’t even have to jump to dunk when he played. So what does he know about the high-flying acrobatics that will be on display Saturday night?

Why did Yao Ming’s career end?

In July 2011, Yao announced his retirement from professional basketball because of a series of foot and ankle injuries which forced him to miss 250 games in his last six seasons.

Who did Kobe dunk on wizards?

We Remember Kobe Bryant Dunking on Ben Wallace During a Preseason Game. A young Kobe Bryant dunks on the Washington Wizards.

Did Kobe ever dunk on LeBron?

What we saw: Kobe Bryant streaks down the court, sizing up his steps for a dunk. LeBron stalks from behind, inching closer and closer, but purposely staying a stride behind for one of his chasedown blocks.

Did Kobe dunk on Ben Wallace?