When did the old Bahia Honda Bridge close?

When did the old Bahia Honda Bridge close?

After a replacement Bahia Honda Bridge was opened in 1972, two spans of the old bridge were removed for the safety of boat traffic and to prevent pedestrian access to unsafe parts of the bridge….

Bahia Honda Rail Bridge
Longest span 247 feet
Opened 1912 as rail bridge, converted to highway use in 1938
Closed 1972

Why is it called Bahia Honda?

Bahia Honda (pronounced Bah-EE-ah OWN-dah in Spanish) is a key located just southwest of the Seven Mile Bridge and northeast of Big Pine Key. The name, which means “deep bay” in Spanish, has appeared on maps and nautical charts at least as far back as the late 16th century.

How many people died building the railroad Key West?

200 men
The Key West Extension of the Florida East Coast Railway cost him an estimated $50 million. About 200 men died building the line, most during a 1906 hurricane. “About 140 died that day. All on a houseboat that broke up at sea,” said Dan Gallagher, the Pigeon Key Foundation’s education coordinator.

How deep is the water under Bahia Honda Bridge?

35 feet deep
This bridge was one of the most difficult to build along the Overseas Railroad. First, the crews encountered deep water in Bahia Honda channel—up to 35 feet deep, which is very deep for the Keys. Nine concrete arches support a framework of girders from which the railroad tracks were hung from the trusses.

How old is the Bahia Honda Bridge?

110Bahia Honda Railroad Bridge / Age (c. 1912)

Does Bahia Honda have a beach?

Bahia Honda Key actually actually has three beaches in one park, just 12 miles south of Marathon, fronting some of the most crystal-clear water anywhere. Sandspur, the biggest of Bahia Honda’s beaches, runs along the southeast end of the island. Calusa, the smallest beach, is on the northwest side.

Was there ever a train that went to Key West?

Over the next two decades, Henry Flagler’s Over-Sea Railroad carried half a million visitors across the miles separating mainland Florida and Key West. Unfortunately, it only lasted for 23 years before being severely damaged in a 1935 hurricane.

Who built first railroad to Key West?

Over a hundred years ago, the first train to cross the Overseas Railroad, technically known as the Key West extension of Henry Flagler’s Florida East Coast Railway, chugged into Key West.

Was there ever a train from Key West to Cuba?

The entire route covered 1,523 miles to Key West and 1,596 to Havana with a complete trip requiring 42 hours either aboard train or ship (the steamships operated out of both Miami as well as Port Tampa, Key West to Havana) making the Special the longest East Coast passenger route.

Who built the original railroad to Key West?

In the early 1900s Flagler, affiliated with John D. Rockefeller in the Standard Oil Company, conceived and oversaw the construction of the Florida Keys Over-Sea Railroad, paving the way for the Keys’ evolution into the destination that is internationally recognized today.

How old is Bahia Honda Bridge?

Can you lobster at Bahia Honda?

4 answers. Yes it’s legal, you need a fishing license with a lobster stamp, 6 per day, per person and must be measured and no egg bearing. You can find all the rules and regulations on fwc saltwater and for Monroe county.

When was the Bahia Honda Bridge built?

1905Bahia Honda Railroad Bridge / Construction started

Was there ever a railroad from Key West to Cuba?

Who built the first railroad to the Florida Keys?

What happened to the old bridge in Key West?

The vast majority of the original bridge still exists, although the swing span has been removed. The 2.2-mile (3.5 km) section to Pigeon Key, used as a fishing pier and long open to motorized vehicles to give access to the key, was closed to motorized traffic in 2008 after the unsupported sections began to sag.

What is the Bahia Honda rail bridge?

The bridge provides a scenic overview of the area for tourists. Before being reused as a highway bridge, the Bahia Honda Rail Bridge carried a single track of FEC across Big Spanish Channel from Bahia Honda Key to Spanish Harbor Key. Unlike other bridges on the Overseas Railway, the Bahia Honda has a steel truss construction.

Why was the old Bahia Honda bridge removed?

After a replacement Bahia Honda Bridge was opened in 1972, two spans of the old bridge were removed for the safety of boat traffic and to prevent pedestrian access to unsafe parts of the bridge. Bahia Honda Bridge during railroad operation (before highway conversion) Postcard of the bridge during operation for highway use.

What happened to the railroad bridge in Florida?

On Labor Day, in 1935, one of the strongest hurricanes on record hit the Florida Keys, damaging the bridge and killing hundreds of WWI veterans working on a WPA bridge project. The overseas railroad came to an end and the bridge was sold to the State of Florida in 1938, who converted it for highway use.

What is Bahia Honda state park known for?

Long known for its natural beaches, Bahia Honda State Park continues to heal after the ravages of Hurricane Irma stripped much of its tropical vegetation A walk around the southern tip of Bahia Honda Key, this shoreline hike at Bahia Honda State Park provides scenic views and an up-close look at the historic bridge