Where are all the pieces of Intel in cod4?

Where are all the pieces of Intel in cod4?


  • “Crew Expendable” In the room with the two sleeping Russians.
  • “Blackout” On a table in the very first house the player clears on his left.
  • “Charlie Don’t Surf” Inside the first target building in the basement.
  • “The Bog”
  • “Hunted”
  • “War Pig”
  • “Shock and Awe”
  • “Safehouse”

Where is the Intel in all Ghillied up?

All Ghillied Up 19: Follow MacMillan through the church. In the back room is a ladder — climb it and you’ll find the Intel.

What happens when you get all the intel in Black Ops?

With the exception of U.S.D.D., there are Intel items in each of the story missions. Collecting all of them will earn you a trophy or achievement.

Where is the Intel in No Fighting in the War room?

No Fighting in the War Room Inside the darkened conference room, on the far end of the long table, is the laptop. You may need Night Vision to see it. Intel #30: On the upper landing of the mission control room is a conference room with a smaller version of the blue and green world map.

Which cod has All Ghillied Up?

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
“All Ghillied Up” is the thirteenth (chronologically, the first) mission of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered.

What happened to MacMillan’s leg?

All went well for the British duo and their escape plan until an attempt to shoot down the Mi-28 pursuing them from the hotel ends in a serious leg injury for MacMillan whilst avoiding the crashing helicopter, forcing Price to carry him the rest of the way to the extraction zone.

What does Danger Close Intel do?

Collect X pieces of enemy intel. Danger Close!: Every character (excluding dogs) is replaced by General Shepherd, with no stat or weapon changes (which means the only Juggernaut in Museum still has higher health and animations). Their sidearms will only be replaced by .

What do you get for collecting all Intel?

Yep. Collect all 10 intel suitcases and you get the Covert Ops perk.

How can I get Qasim to talk?

Qasim will fire at you from the top of the rooftop, so rush him and you’ll reach the top. Join Adler by the ledge and jump off. Take out Qasim’s last guards and approach him, then enter into a dialogue with him and you’ll have some choices.

Where are the Intel laptops in Call of Duty 4?

This page contains the location of Intel Laptops locations in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered. The hidden Intel Laptops in Call of Duty: Modern warfare remastered unlock cheats when collected, including four new Intel Cheats exclusive to Modern Warfare Remastered. Found in Crew Expendable.

Where can I find enemy intel?

After knifing the two sleeping soldiers, look to the table on the left to find the intel. Click here to see the video for this Enemy Intel. This intel is found in the first area of the ship�s deck.

How do you get enemy intel on the second floor?

ENEMY INTEL (17/30): The enemy intel is on the second floor of the house with the satellite dish. Enter the house through the basement, which can be reached by taking the stairs on the right side of the house, down. Make your way up to the first floor. Find the stairs and take them up to the second.

Where is the enemy intelligence desk in the TV station?

As you move towards the TV station, you will encounter a gunner in a parked white truck. Look for some stone steps near the gunner�s truck and take them up to the rooftop of the building. At the top of the steps, turn left. The enemy intel is on the desk.