Where are Marin mountain bikes made?

Where are Marin mountain bikes made?

Although it has international distribution, Marin is a relatively small company, with about 20 people working at headquarters. The bikes are made in Asia, but are designed in Novato, where many are warehoused and shipped from, as well.

Where are Marin bikes from?

The company is named after, and headquartered near, Marin County, California, the beautiful piece of earth that’s home to Mount Tamalpais, where competitive mountain biking was born. In 1986, Bob Buckley founded the Marin bicycle company in response to the growing off-road-cycling interest in Northern California.

Are Marin Kentfield bikes any good?

It’s great for daily errands, short commutes, rides that combine bike paths and streets, that sort of thing. It’s a nice bike, with a light aluminum frame, Shimano components that work well and are easily repaired or replaced, comfortable upright seating, and plenty of gears for hills.

How much does a Marin bike weigh?

24.52 lb
Weight:11.12 kg (24.52 lb), as tested, medium size, without pedals.

Are Marin bikes made by polygon?

Marin bicycles are apparently owned/produced by Insera Sena. Actual bike production is missing. Those on sale are certainly produced in Indonesia. There is a premium over the ‘Polygon’ brand within Indonesia for the name Marin, even though, well, it’s the same thing.

What kind of bike do I have by serial number?

You can visit bikeindex.org or bikeregister.com to search for your bike’s frame number. These websites offer two options in searching for your lost or stolen bike; one is by description, and another is by serial/frame number.

Are Polygon and Marin the same?

As one of the ‘grandfathers’ of mountain biking, Marin remains American though changes in brand ownership and production have brought it closer to the Indonesian Polygon brand.

Where is Marin Bikes located?

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Why choose Marin Bikes?

Marin Bikes offers a world-class lineup of critically-acclaimed mountain, drop bar, fitness/transit and kids bikes, designed by a passionate crew of riders in Northern California. You’re currently viewing the Marin Bikes of United States website.

What kind of bikes does donky Marin make?

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