Where can I use my Seniors Card SA?

Where can I use my Seniors Card SA?

The Seniors Card provides free and discounted travel on Adelaide Metro buses, trains and trams.

Does spar offer pensioners discount?

Certain Spar shops offer 5 % discount to pensioners on Tuesdays, but it’s the exception rather than the rule. Check with the Spar in your area. It’s senior citizens’ day every Wednesday at Game stores countrywide.

What concessions do pensioners get in SA?

Because you have a Pensioner Concession Card, you may be eligible for these concessions.

  • Cost of Living Concession.
  • Emergency Services Levy.
  • Energy.
  • Funeral AssistanceSA.
  • Licence and registration.
  • Medical heating and cooling.
  • Personal alert systems rebate.
  • Public transport.

Does Hungry Jacks do free coffee for seniors?

Senior citizens can enjoy free drinks.

What is the difference between a Seniors Card and a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card?

The main difference is that the Pensioner Concession Card is available if you receive certain payments from the government, including the Age Pension. In comparison, to qualify for the CSHC you must not be getting a payment from the government. Each state and territory also has their own Seniors Card scheme.

Does Woolworths have a pensioner discounts?

10% Seniors Discount based on % discount off Personal Delivery Unlimited Subscription.

Does Pick n Pay give pensioners discount?

On Wednesdays people older than 60 get double points on their Smart Shopper cards. You can later exchange your points for money that you can then spend at Pick n Pay. Apply for a Game Pensioners card at the client services counter. Every Wednesday people older than 60 get 10% discount on certain products.

Do pensioners get discount on council rates in South Australia?

Each year South Australian Councils provide assistance to pensioner concessions and self funded retirees through State funded concessions. Additional assistance is available to ratepayers through mandatory and discretionary rebates, remissions and postponment of rates.

Do seniors get a discount on car registration in NSW?

If you’re a pensioner, you may be eligible for concessions on your vehicle registration in NSW. Eligible pensioners don’t have to pay: registration fees.

Can I use my Seniors Card at KFC?

I said yes and showed my pension card and she gave 10% discount on the purchase price. She said that every KFC gave 10% off the purchase price if you showed your pension card.

Do self funded retirees get a pension card?

The Commonwealth Seniors Health Card can give self-funded retirees who do not qualify for a government Age Pension or Department of Veteran Affairs payment, the entitlements that others receive from the Pensioner Concession Card.

Are self funded retirees entitled to anything?

CSHC holders are entitled to prescription items listed under the PBS at the concessional rate (with free prescriptions after the first 52 each year), and if eligible, a quarterly payment of Telephone Allowance.

What is the pensioners discount at Makro?

Makro. Pensioner’s Day takes place every Tuesday at all of our Makro branches nationwide and qualifies for up to 10% off on most general merchandise products (excluding Liquor, cellular products, tobacco products, iTunes, ShowMax, Google Play and Makro gift cards).

What discounts can I get with a pension card?

Benefits of the card With a Pensioner Concession Health Card you can get cheaper medicine, bulk billed doctors visits and help with hearing services. With your card you can get: cheaper medicine under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. bulk billed doctor visits – this is up to your doctor.

Are the discounts listed on the Seniors Card discount app guaranteed?

The Seniors Card Discount App and Colorado Database Services takes no responsibility for the currency, accuracy or availability of the discounts listed and provides no guarantees in relation to any discount offers or businesses listed. Please check with the individual businesses concerned to verify their offers, availability, terms and conditions.

How do I get in touch with the Seniors Card Unit?

Everything you need to know about your Seniors Card / Seniors metroCARD. Get in touch with the Seniors Card Unit via phone, email or online services.

What can I do with my seniors card?

Search the Seniors Card Discount Directory and save money using your Seniors Card. Use your Seniors Card for free off-peak travel on Adelaide Metro public transport services. Seniors Card blog with news, lifestyle information, special offers and events.

What is the Seniors Card flexible rate?

All Seniors Card cardholders and guests 55 years and older are invited to save 10% off* the Flexible Rate at participating Best Western hotels in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. 10% off your rental rate. Minimum hire is 2 days, applies to car rental rates only