Where can you use FireLine plasterboard?

Where can you use FireLine plasterboard?

Gyproc FireLine 12.5mm is a fire resistant plasterboard that withstands fire for longer to allow for safe evacuation. The board’s excellent fire resistance rating makes it ideal for lining walls and ceilings in commercial spaces like offices and shopping centres, as well as in low rise housing and new build garages.

What is the fire rating of 15mm FireLine board?

This 15mm fireboard plasterboard is one of the products within our plasterboard range that is certified to BES 6001 achieving a rating of ‘Very Good’.

Is plasterboard standard fireproof?

Is Standard Plasterboard Fire-Resistant? Standard gypsum plasterboard is not fire rated and this means it will not meet the stringent fire performance requirements of current UK building regulations.

Can you use plasterboard around a log burner?

The shield must, of course, be non-combustible (do not use plasterboard as it is not A1 fire-rated and may gradually crumble). There must also be an air gap between the shield and the combustible material of a minimum of 12mm (other wise the combustible material soon ends up the same temp as the shield).

What is the fire rating of 12.5 mm FireLine board?

class 1
Thickness: 12.5mm. Weight: 9.8kg/m2. Fire rating: class 1 both sides – BS 476. Thermal resistance: 0.05 m²K/W.

Can you skim FireLine board?

Gyproc FireLine is a plasterboard that is suitable for drylining internal surfaces which can be skim plaster finished or directly decorated. Plasterboard linings provide good fire protection owing to the unique behaviour of the non-combustible gypsum core when subjected to high temperatures.

Does fire rated plasterboard need to be skimmed?

If the ceiling is plasterboarded, then 12.5mm thick boards are required to give 30 minutes’ fire resistance. You may have to provide an additional skim coat or additional plasterboard to the ceiling.

Is plasterboard 30 min fire resistant?

Is white plasterboard fireproof?

Plasterboard cannot be considered fire resistant on its own. Our fire rated plasterboard sheets come in widths of either 12.5mm or 15mm and are available in tapered edge or square edge styles. The latter thickness is ideal for walls and partitioning where a more robust barricade with fire protection is required.

How much heat can plasterboard take?

Plasterboards are not suitable for use in temperatures above 49°C but can be subjected to freezing conditions without risk of damage. The thermal insulation and ventilation requirements of national Building Regulations aim to reduce the risk of condensation and mould growth in new buildings.

Can I use plasterboard in a fireplace?

Do NOT use plasterboard of any kind inside the fireplace recess, even the pink fire-resistant stuff, as this is not allowed as plasterboard is not officially non-combustible (plasterboard okay on chimney breast though).

Does 2 layers of plasterboard fire rating?

Two layers of standard plasterboard with staggered joints will give an hours protection and one layer half an hour.

How do you cut fireproof plasterboard?

Use a pencil to mark where the plasterboard needs to be cut. The light grey side should face outwards, with any writing on the back. For straight cuts, use your straight edge as a guide, then slice along the paper and into the core with your Stanley knife.

What temperature can plasterboard withstand?

Is 15mm plasterboard fire rated?

Gyproc FireLine 15mm is a plasterboard that contains glass fibre and other additives for extra fire protection. Use it in partitions, ceilings and steel encasement systems to achieve the fire performance required in domestic separating walls, corridors, garages and steel encasements.

What fire protection does 15mm plasterboard?

GTEC Fire Board These typically includes domestic separating walls, rooms above garages and stairwells in multi-storey properties. In commercial buildings, it is typically used to protect shafts and voids. Benefits include: Will provide 60 mins fire resistance from a 15mm single layer partition system.

When should I use fireboard plasterboard?

Fireline Plasterboard is gypsum plasterboard with glass fibre and other additives in the core to improve its fire performance. FireLine is plasterboard that is suitable for drylining internal surfaces and it is pink in colour for easy identification.

Should you paint inside of fireplace?

Painting the interior black definitely freshes it up, but with a wood burning fireplace you have to accept that the floor of the firebox is going to get and stay sooty for the season. I clean the ashes out after every second or third fire but the soot remains all fall and winter.

What is fireline plasterboard?

Fireline plasterboard is manufactured with additives to boost its fire resistant properties. Fireline plasterboard is well suited for use in builds where more stringent fire regulations are in place, and is suitable for walls, ceilings and partitions. Fireline plasterboard is easily recognised by its pink facing paper.

What are the different types of plasterboard?

Our range includes various types of plasterboard such as fireline, moisture resistant, soundbloc and insulated, as well as your standard square edged and tapered edged boards. Choose from a wide selection of plasterboards available via our bulk delivery service.

What is soundproof plasterboard?

Soundproof plasterboard or acoustic plasterboard contains a higher density core which is designed to enhance sound insulation. This type of plasterboard is perfect for those wanting extra privacy between rooms within the home.