Where is bystronic manufactured?

Where is bystronic manufactured?

Bystronic has been certified as a “China National High-Tech Enterprise” for its Chinese development and production location in Tianjin. With this award, China acknowledges the high quality standards in the fields of research and production at Bystronic. Sheet metal processing technologies are developing rapidly.

Where are Bystronic lasers made?

The new, ‘Assembled in the USA’ BySmart Fiber laser cutting machine is truly a global product with major ‘local’ impact. The BySmart Fiber is now assembled on three continents, a milestone recently achieved by the assembly of the first BySmart Fiber at the new Bystronic U.S. facility in Hoffman Estates, IL.

What can a 90w CO2 laser cut?

Thickness: Generally, a 45w CO2 laser can cut up to ¼ “ thick wood, while a 90w can cut up to ½” thick wood.

What is bystronic industry?

Bystronic is a globally leading technology company in the area of sheet metal processing. Our high-quality solutions enable transformation into a productive and sustainable future. The focus is on the automation of the complete material and data flow of the cutting and bending process chain.

What are the disadvantages of a laser cutter?

Disadvantages of Laser Cutting Process

  • Laser cutting demands high power consumption as compared to other techniques.
  • The laser beam is very delicate to handle.
  • The laser beam is harmful if it comes in contact with human workers.
  • Laser cutting is still not capable of cutting thick metals.

How thick can a 4000 watt laser cut?

A 4,000-watt laser can process up to 1.0-inch-thick carbon steel, and a 6,000-watt laser can process 1-5/8-inch-thick carbon steel. Oxygen always is used to process plate in this material thickness range.

Can a 100W CO2 laser cut aluminum?

Here at Kern Laser Systems, we’ve developed metal cutting technology that enables CO2 lasers of 150 to 400 watts to quickly and efficiently cut metal. This technology makes thinner gauge metal material, like stainless steel, aluminum and brass, processable via CO2 lasers.

Can laser cutters cut glass?

Lasers can cut glass of varying thickness to just about any shape. Quick, clean, accurate and adaptable, laser cutting is the preferred method for many businesses across a wide range of industries.

How accurate is laser cutting?

Cut width can be extremely small with laser cutting, less than 0.001 inch, and dimensional accuracy is extremely precise, at about ± 0.0005 inch. This accuracy is very useful for producing the jagged teeth used in some cutting tools.

What country invented lasers?

In April 1957, Japanese engineer Jun-ichi Nishizawa proposed the concept of a “semiconductor optical maser” in a patent application. That same year, Charles Hard Townes and Arthur Leonard Schawlow, then at Bell Labs, began a serious study of infrared “optical masers”.

What can an 80 watt CO2 laser cut?

An 80 watt laser can cut plywood up to 1/2 inch thick. Make sure to use a high pressure source of air to knock out all of the charring during the cutting process so the laser can work efficiently.

Can 150W CO2 laser cut metal?

CO2 Lasers In order to cut metal, these machines must have a minimum rating of 150 W and use oxygen assist.

How thick can 150W laser cut?

Excellent for small-batch manufacturing (18″ x 32″ cut area), the Universal 150W is simple to use and can cut or engrave the following materials: wood (up to 1/2″ thick) metal (marking only) acrylic (up to 1/2″ thick)