Where is Cao Dai?

Where is Cao Dai?

Cao Dai (also Caodaism or Caodaiism) is a new religious movement founded in Vietnam. It mixes ideas from other religions. Cao Đài is a syncretic, monotheistic religion officially established in the city of Tây Ninh, southern Vietnam in 1926.

When was the Cao Dai temple built?

As the main cathedral of the religion, the Cao Dai Great Temple stands vividly today in Hoa Thanh District, 5km southeast of Tay Ninh City. The construction of the temple started in 1933, but it was not completed until 1955.

How did Cao Dai start?

A Cao Dai army was established in 1943 during the Japanese occupation of Indochina. After the war the Cao Dai was an effective force in national politics; it first supported, then opposed, Premier Ngo Dinh Diem. In 1955–56 Diem disbanded the Cao Dai army and forced the sect’s pope, Pham Cong Tac, into exile.

What God does Cao Dai worship?

Followers believe there is one god, Cao Dai, and their main building of worship is the Holy See in Vietnam. The one god is always present and connects everything in life together through creation. Followers believe in reincarnation and the ability to progress through hierarchical plains of existence in life and death.

Who worships Cao Dai?

What is in a Cao Dai temple?

Cao Dai’s pantheon of saints includes such diverse figures as the Buddha, Confucius, Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Pericles, Julius Caesar, Joan of Arc, Victor Hugo, and the Chinese revolutionary leader Sun Yat-sen. These are honored at Cao Dai temples, along with ancestors.

Who founded Cao Dai?

Ngo Van Chieu
Cao Dai’s founder, Ngo Van Chieu, had a vision that the union of East and West, religious and secular philosophies would lead to a more peaceful and tolerant world.

What do Cao Dai believe?

Who is the God of Vietnam?

For his great characters, the Vietnamese regard Tran Hung Dao as a Vietnamese god and a father of the nation. There are many temples and statues set up across the country to dedicate to him. The most famous one is Kiep Bac Temple in Chi Linh District, Hai Duong Province as Hai Duong is where Saint Tran died.

What is the history of Tay Ninh Holy See?

Cao Dai Temple (also called Tay Ninh Holy See) was started to build in 1933 and officially inaugurated in 1955. It is a special religious work of Caodaism (Cao Dai religion), located in Hoa Thanh District, about 4km from Tay Ninh City. In the early 1920s, Caodaism was established in Southern Vietnam but had not been officially codified until 1926.

What is the Cao Dai Holy See?

Nowadays, the Cao Dai Holy See is a popular day trip from Saigon, with the temple allowing tourists to witness their midday service. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see one of Vietnam’s most beautiful buildings, while also hoping to learn more about Cao Dai’s colorful symbols and its mysterious Divine Eye.

Where is Tay Ninh?

A few hours’ drive from Saigon is the small town of Tay Ninh, a place few outside of Vietnam have heard of. Roughly six million people today, however, consider it their holy land.

Where is Cao Dai Temple located?

Cao Dai Temple is located in Hoa Thanh District of Tay Ninh Province, about 90km northwest of Ho Chi Minh City and approximately 55km of the Cu Chi Tunnels. You can combine a visit to Cao Dai Temple and Cu Chi Tunnels on a day trip.