Where is Kalamb beach in Mumbai?

Where is Kalamb beach in Mumbai?

Nalasopara West
Details. Kalamb beach is located at Nalasopara West near Nirmal Village in Palghar District, Far north suburb of Mumbai. Kalamb is the forth beach connected in row after Arnala beach, Navapur beach and Rajodi beach. The beach is clean, not so crowded.

Is Kalamb beach safe?

Kalamb is the 4th beach connected in row after Arnala, Navapur and Rajodi beaches. Much cleaner, Safe, Less crowded with Semi Black Thick Sand with Hotels & Resorts available and Ample Tree Shade which makes it an ideal day picnic beach with group or in couple..”

Is Aksa beach open?

Aksa Beach Timings The beach is open for 24 hours. The nearest railway station to Aksa Beach is Malad Station which is around 9 kilometers. The place is also accessible by bus from Malad Station board bus no. 271 and from Borivali Station board bus no.

Is Dahanu beach clean?

Dahanu is a small coastal town of Maharashtra located around 270 kms from Pune and 140 kms from Mumbai. The beach is clean, beautiful, less of crowd & no water sports.

Is it safe to go to Aksa Beach?

There is a sense of danger here. However, although everyone reads the warning signs, they still venture into the sea. People should be educated about the dangers of going into the deep sea. Aksa is certainly not the safest of beaches.

How is Dahanu beach?

The sea waters are unclean and throw out garbage. Beach is also not clean even despite minimal rush. Took 4.5 hrs to reach Dahanu from Goregaon as we got stuck in Vasai for almost 1.5 hrs. The road to Dahanu village however is too good.

Which beach is best for bathing?

Good beach to take bath and for Water… – Vagator Beach

  • Asia.
  • Goa.
  • North Goa District.
  • Mapusa.
  • Mapusa – Places to Visit.
  • Vagator Beach.

Is Aksa beach safe for couples?

Although quick lip is seen at Malls, Beaches and such public places. Kissing, Smooching, Long kissing is still not allowed. Sweet gesture of Hugging and little Cuddling is still ok. Going to islocated beaches like Aksa, Gorai etc in late evening can be dangerous.

Is Dahanu worth visiting?

Reasons to Visit Dahanu and Bordi are idyllic beachfronts, 150 / 160 km North of Mumbai. Both spot are idyllic beaches surrounded by fruit orchards (lot of Chikoo Orchards) all over the area. Dahanu to Bordi drive is very scenic with Old bungalows on one side and beach on the other side.

Is Dahanu beach good?

Being on sea beach it was still excellent as the sea was clean, calm and with musical waves creating a pleasant sound. The beach is small but very clean and well maintained.

Is Dahanu a good place to live?

Dahanu is a good residential location. Very good schools and colleges are located here.