Where is the lost chao in weapons bed?

Where is the lost chao in weapons bed?

The first Chao Container is found in a small nook just past the garages on the first aircraft carrier. The second one is hidden next to the cylindrical fuel tanks on the right-hand side of the second aircraft carrier.

How do you unlock the last story in Sonic Adventure 2?

Unlock Last Stage In order to play the actual last stage of this game, finish both Hero and Dark side story games. Once done, go into story mode and a “Last Stage?” menu selection should appear between Hero and Dark selections.

Where is the lost chao in Meteor Herd?

3rd Mission: Find the lost Chao! To reach it, the player should start by taking the rocket between the four towers of the large central structure, which will drop the player on a platform with a Spring. If the player bounces from that Spring, they will land on a blue platform with another rocket.

Where is the hidden chao in radical highway?

The first Chao Container is tucked in a small nook to the left of the stack of Wooden Containers and the first Pulley in the stage. After the first Point Marker, the second Chao Container is on a ledge just below the series of Gun Beetles the player can Homing Attack across.

Where is the lost chao in wild canyon?

Finding the Lost Chao: Activate the ruins with the Mystic Melody and the door in front of you will open. There is another Ancient Ruin inside! Using the Mystic Melody again on these new ruins and it will spawn a teleporter that will take you directly to the Lost Chao.

How do you make your Chao evil?

Sonic Adventure 2 Eggman. Once they go into their first cocoon, the Chao will become a Dark Chao. One can evolve a Dark Chao into a type of Chaos Chao called a “Devil Chao”. To get this kind of Chao, a Chao must be a Dark Chao that has already gone through two reincarnations.

How do you beat meteor herd?

By turning right, you will notice a big blue box and a meteor next to it. The meteor next to it can be hit. You can hit it hard by running at it and punching, or hit it lightly by standing and punching it.

How do you get a mystic melody for Sonic?

For Sonic, his Mystic Melody is found in the Final Rush stage. After passing the sixth Star Post, the player must grind down the rail in front of it and jump off of it to a small platform that has a rocket once they get near it.

How do I make my Knuckles goggles?

In order to obtain it, Knuckles must possess the Hammer Gloves. To find the switch that unlocks the lava pit, the player should head to the opposite side of the structure where Rouge is fought, that Knuckles faces when the player begins the level.

What is Metal Harbor in Sonic Adventure 2?

Metal Harbor is the fourth stage of the hero story in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, and is playable as Sonic the Hedgehog. As the name suggests, the harbor is built of metal, and consists of many shipping yards and aircraft launch sites scattered around the area.

What happens at the harbor in Sonic the Hedgehog?

Unsurprisingly, the construction of the harbor leads to an abundance of rails, all of which can be grinded upon. As Sonic races through this level, he encounters many G.U.N. robots trying to stop him from escaping, as well as fighter jets.

How do you get the Chao in Sonic the Hedgehog?

Like all “Find the lost Chao” missions, Sonic will need the Mystic Melody, but will also need the Bounce Bracelet to complete this one. This mission can be tricky due to where the Chao is located. In the area with the boxes, Sonic must bounce himself up to the Ancient Shrine and play the Mystic Melody.

How do I find all the missing Chao in the game?

Reach the platform the rings take you to, and go ahead and Kill the two Chao Enemies. This will Open the door to the Last Chao of the game. BUT BE CAREFUL! 3 GUN MECHA WILL FALL FROM THE CEILING AS WELL! That is it! That should have roughly covered everything for you to find all those Missing Chao!