Where should I start with Jacqueline Wilson books?

Where should I start with Jacqueline Wilson books?

Laugh out loud adventures

  • We Are The Beaker Girls illustrated by Nick Sharratt (2019)
  • The Worst Thing About My Sister illustrated by Nick Sharratt (2012)
  • The Story of Tracy Beaker illustrated by Nick Sharratt (1991)
  • Cliffhanger illustrated by Nick Sharratt (1995)
  • Sleepovers illustrated by Nick Sharratt (2001)

What order should you read Jacqueline Wilson books?

Hetty Feather (2009)

  • Sapphire Battersea (2011)
  • Emerald Star (2012)
  • Diamond (2013)
  • Little Stars (2015)
  • What is the biggest Jacqueline Wilson book?

    Top 10 Jacqueline Wilson Children’s Books

    1. Lola Rose (2003) My favourite Wilson story of all time is Lola Rose.
    2. The Story of Tracy Beaker (1991)
    3. The Illustrated Mum (1999)
    4. Secrets (2002)
    5. Wave Me Goodbye (2017)
    6. The Suitcase Kid (1992)
    7. Clover Moon (2017)
    8. The Lottie Project (1997)

    What is Jacqueline Wilson’s latest book called?

    Baby Love
    Adoption UK has provided expert advice in the end pages of Baby Love, the heart-breaking, compelling, and timely new novel from best-selling author Jacqueline Wilson, out today, 17th March 2022. Set in 1960, Baby Love is a story for older readers (aged 12+) about teen pregnancy, family trouble and unlikely friendships.

    What age group is Tracy Beaker aimed at?

    The book is narrated from the perspective of Tracy’s daughter, Jess, and is aimed at both 7-11-year-olds and, in a new move for Wilson, adults and teenagers who enjoyed the Tracy Beaker series as children.

    What is the age rating for Jacqueline Wilson books?

    Jacqueline Wilson Pack: Ages 7-9 Award-winning author Pack 20% off children’s books for the Queen’s Jubilee.

    What age are Tracy Beaker books for?

    What age is Tracy Beaker book suitable for?

    The books are aimed at 9-11 year olds if that is any help.

    What is Jacqueline Wilson’s best selling book?

    Best Sellers

    • #1. A New Adventure (The Magic Faraway Tree) Jacqueline Wilson.
    • #2. Baby Love. Jacqueline Wilson.
    • #3. Sleepovers. Jacqueline Wilson.
    • #4. Baby Love: Jacqueline Wilson. Jacqueline Wilson.
    • #5. The Primrose Railway Children.
    • #6. Love Frankie.
    • #7. The Runaway Girls.
    • #8. The Primrose Railway Children: Jacqueline Wilson.

    Is Jacqueline Wilson writing a book for adults?

    Falling Apart by Jacqueline Wilson.

    What age is Lily alone for?

    A review in the National Post recommended the book for “female adolescents aged eight to 13”.

    What age is Love Lessons for?

    One of the original posts features a mum who was shocked at the contents in her 2005 novel Love Lessons, which was aimed at 12-year-olds and over. The book follows 14-year-old Prue who starts to ‘share a bond’ with her art teacher, Rax.

    What age should read Tracy Beaker?

    The book is narrated from the perspective of Tracy’s daughter, Jess, and is aimed at both 7-11-year-olds and, in a new move for Wilson, adults and teenagers who enjoyed the Tracy Beaker series as children.

    What mental illness does marigold have?

    10-year-old Dolphin and her older half-sister, 13-year-old Star, live with their mother, Marigold, in a small London flat. Marigold, an avid lover of tattoos, has bipolar disorder and also has a drinking problem.

    Is there a Lily Alone 2?

    Big Day Out is a 2012 World Book Day special book published by Jacqueline Wilson. It contains 4 short stories; 2 featuring brand new characters, and 2 being sequels (of Lily Alone and The Worst Thing About My Sister).

    What are Jacqueline Wilsons most popular books?

    Dustbin Baby. Fourteen years ago,April was found in a rubbish bin as a newborn baby.

  • Vicky Angel. Everyone remembers Vicky Angel.
  • My Sister Jodie. One of Wilson’s lesser-known novels,this book made me weep uncontrollably for hours as a teenager.
  • How many books has Jacqueline Wilson ever published?

    With over 100 books under her creative belt, Jacqueline Wilson truly has something for all types of readers. But with so much on offer, where on earth are you meant to start if you’re completely new to the wonderful world of Wilson? Well, don’t fret! We’ve handpicked some gems to help get you started.

    What types of books does Jacqueline Wilson write?

    ‘Dame Jacqueline Wilson’s Nasty Adult World’ The Telegraph,8 March 2008.

  • ‘Damehood for Tracy Beaker Creator’ BBC News,29 December 2007.
  • ‘A Girl’s own story’ Article about Jacqueline Wilson by Lesley White,The Sunday Times,18 February 2007.
  • What do you think of Jacqueline Wilsons books?

    @libthroughthis had a raft of suggestions for teen Jacqueline Wilson fans: Trouble by Non Pratt,The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson,Am I Normal Yet by Holly Bourne,…

  • ‘My daughter adores Nick Sharratt illustrations,’ said@myjackanapes over on Instagram.
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