Which country is Radja Nainggolan from?

Which country is Radja Nainggolan from?

BelgianRadja Nainggolan / Nationality

Can Radja Nainggolan speak Indonesian?

Radja Nainggolan on Twitter: “To all the indonesian followers… I cant speak indonesian… I will come to indonesia at juin…:))” / Twitter.

Who does Radja Nainggolan play for?

Royal Antwerp F.C.Radja Nainggolan / Current team (#4 / Midfielder)Royal Antwerp Football Club, often referred to as Royal Antwerp or simply Antwerp, is a Belgian football club based in the city of Antwerp. Wikipedia

What is a Radja?

A prince, chief, or ruler in India or the East Indies. [Hindi rājā, from Sanskrit, king; see reg- in Indo-European roots.]

Is Nainggolan a smoker?

Radja Nainggolan ‘didn’t care what people thought’ of him lighting up at Roma, says old team-mate Leandro Castan. Roma defender Leandro Castan has revealed that former team-mate Radja Nainggolan would leave their team dressing toom to smoke with the assistant manager.

Why does Nainggolan play Cagliari?

The former AS Roma star had mentioned that his wife had avoided hospitals amidst the pandemic and revealed that he was taking extra precautions to stay safe. Last season, Radja Nainggolan joined Cagliari on loan so that he could be closer to his wife who had cancer. Yesterday his wife won her battle with cancer.

What happened Radja Nainggolan?

Radja Nainggolan loses licence for drink-driving and speeding in nightmare first week at hometown club Royal Antwerp. BELGIUM star Radja Nainggolan has made an inglorious start to life with his hometown club… by losing his licence for drink-driving and speeding.

What happened to radja Nainggolan?

What did Nainggolan do?

Nainggolan’s incredible prime Nainggolan went on to amass 203 appearances in the Italian capital, scoring 33 goals and featuring in the Serie A Team of the Year for the 2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18 campaigns.

What happened to Radja Nainggolan?

What happened to Nainggolan wife?

Inter Milan midfielder Radja Nainggolan’s wife Claudia has won her battle against cancer a year after the Belgian moved to Cagliari on loan to support her. Inter Milan midfielder Radja Nainggolan’s year of turmoil has finally ended after his wife Claudia Nainggolan defeated cancer.

Why did Nainggolan leave Inter?

Radja Nainggolan is now history at Inter Milan. The Italians made the news official this Tuesday that the Belgian footballer is no longer part of the club. The player had asked to leave the Inter ranks because he knew that he did not have a place in Simone Inzaghi’s team and his wishes have become a reality.

Why did Radja Nainggolan leave Inter?

Who are the parents of Lukáš Nainggolan?

He was born to Lizy Bogaerts and Marianus Nainggolan. He has three half-brothers and a twin sister. He and Francesco Totti played together on A.S. Roma.

What nationality is Yordenis Nainggolan?

Early life. Nainggolan was born in Antwerp, the son of Lizy Bogaerts, a Belgian of Flemish ethnicity who raised him with his three half brothers and his twin sister, and Marianus Nainggolan, an Indonesian of Batak background and member of the Batak Christian Protestant Church.

How many times has Nainggolan scored in the Serie A?

He was named four consecutive times in the Serie A Team of the Year. A Belgium international for eight years, Nainggolan played 30 times for his country (scoring six goals) and represented it at Euro 2016 .

Who is Radja Nainggolan’s mother?

Radja Nainggolan was born on the 4th May 1988 in Antwerp, Belgium. He was born to his late mother, Lizi Bogaerts Nainggolan and father, Marius Nainggolan. They named him Radja which means “King”. The Belgian was born a twin.