Which mountain range is situated between the river Narmada and Tapti?

Which mountain range is situated between the river Narmada and Tapti?

the Satpura Range
The range, the name of which means “Seven Folds,” forms the watershed between the Narmada (north) and Tapti (south) rivers. With peaks more than 4,000 feet (1,200 metres) high, the Satpura Range includes the Mahadeo Hills to the north, the Maikala Range to the east, and the Rajpipla Hills to the west.

What is between Narmada and Tapti River?

The Satpura range is situated between Tapi river and Narmada river. Hence, the correct answer is option (B). Note:The Narmada River begins from north-eastern side of Satpura in Amarkantak, and flows in the depression between Vindhya ranges and the Satpura.

In which Hill does the Tapi river rises?

Gawilgarh Hills
Tapti River, Tapti also spelled Tapi, river in central India, rising in the Gawilgarh Hills of the central Deccan plateau in south-central Madhya Pradesh state.

Which range forms the water divide between Narmada and Tapti?

Satpura ranges
Satpura ranges form the water divide between Narmada and Tapti rivers. It flows into the Gulf of Khambhat.

Where is Mahadeo hills located?

southern Madhya Pradesh state
Mahadeo Hills, sandstone hills located in the northern part of the Satpura Range, in southern Madhya Pradesh state, central India. The hills have small plateaus and steep scarps that were formed during the Carboniferous Period (about 360 to 300 million years ago).

Where are Vindhya hills located?

Vindhya Range, broken range of hills forming the southern escarpment of the central upland of India. From Gujarat state on the west, it extends about 675 miles (1,086 km) across Madhya Pradesh state to abut on the Ganges (Ganga) River valley near Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

Which mountain is in between aravallis and Satpura range?

Vindhya Mountains The Vindhya Range rises as an escarpment bordering the northern boundary of the Narmada-Son Trough. The Vindhya and Satpura mountains are parallel.

Where does Tapti river start and end?

Arabian Sea
Gulf of Khambhat
Tapi River/Mouths

Which two mountain ranges are on the bank of Narmada?

the correct answer is Narmada. It flows through the states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Gujarat before emptying into the Arabian sea. It originates in the Amarkantak plateau, where the Vindhya and Satpura mountain ranges meet. It acts as the boundary between North and South India.

What is the highest peak of Maikal range?

The Maikal Hills are an eastern part of the Satpuras in Kawardha District of Chhattisgarh and Anuppur district of MP , overlooking the scenic town of Kawardha….Maikal Hills.

Maikal Range
View of the Maikal Hills in Kabirdham District
Highest point
Elevation 941 m (3,087 ft)

Where is Balaghat range located?

Maharashtra state of India
Balaghat range is a mountain range of low elevation in the Maharashtra state of India. Balaghat Range runs south-eastwards from Western Ghats at the Harishchandra Range to the border of Maharashtra and Karnataka states.It extends about 320 kilometers.

Where is Garhjat Hills located?

The Garhjat Hills is a mountain range formed by a series low-lying hills, plateaux, ridges and meadows that stretch into Odisha from the Utkal Plains in the Chotanagpur region of Jharkhand and the Chhattisgarh Plains.

How many hills are in Vindhya Range?

It is one of the seven major holy mountain ranges in India. The Vindhya Series is a jumbled range of hills that forms the southern escarpment of India’s central highlands….Conclusion.

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Which mountain range is parallel to the Vindhya Range?

Satpura Range
Satpura Range The word Sat means seven, and Pura means mountains. It moves along in an east-west direction south of the Vindhyas and between the Narmada and the Tapi, almost parallel to these rivers.

Which river flows between Vindhya and Satpura Range?

The Narmada
The Narmada originates in eastern Madhya Pradesh ( India) and flows west across the state, through a narrow valley between the Vindhya Range and spurs of the Satpura Range.

Which Plateau lies between the Aravali and Vindhya Range?

Malwa Plateau
Malwa Plateau is the plateau that lies between Aravali and Vindhya ranges.

Where does Tapti River start?

Satpura RangeTapi River / Source

What is the difference between Tapi and Tapti River?

The Tapi River is also known as the Tapti River. Tapti is the prehistoric Sanskrit name of the river. Tapi is a major River in central India . With a stretch of about 724 km, it is also one of the most crucial rivers in peninsular India.

Which river flows between two mountains?

Narmada is also called the ‘river between the two mountains’.

Which hills are parallel to the Narmada valley?

Vindhya Ranges The Vindhyan Range lies more or less parallel to the Narmada Valley.

Which of the following range runs between Narmada and Tapti rivers?

The correct answer is the Satpura range. The Satpura range is a range of hills that runs between the Narmada and Tapti rivers. The Narmada originates from the north-eastern part of the Satpura ranges. Tributaries of Narmada are Hiran, Tawa, Banjar and Shar.

Why are the peninsular rivers Narmada and Tapti important?

Unlike the Ganga, Yamuna, and other Himalayan-born rivers, the peninsular rivers Narmada and Tapti flow west and are much older. From the earliest of times, they have held deep religious and social significance.

How far is the Narmada river navigable?

The Narmada is navigable upto 112 km from its mouth. Since the river flows through a narrow valley confined by precipitous (dangerously high or steep) hills, it does not have many tributaries. The absence of tributaries is especially noted on the right bank of the river where the Hiran is the only exception.

Where does the Tapti River start and end?

Ultimately, the river pours into the Gulf of Cambay in the Arabian Sea in the district of Surat in Gujarat. The Tapti River, together with the adjacently running Narmada River in the north, create the borders between North and South India.