Which version of Megatron is best?

Which version of Megatron is best?

Top 5 Versions of Megatron

  • #5 Transformers Revenge of the Fallen.
  • #4 Transformers Shattered Glass.
  • #3 War for Cybertron Trilogy.
  • #2 Transformers Beast Wars.
  • #1 Megatron Kuro Kara Kuri.

Is Megatron and Megatronus the same?

Megatronus Prime is mentioned as one of the original thirteen Primes in the 2010 book Transformers: Exodus. Megatron is shown originally calling himself “Megatronus” after this particular Prime, and is a gladiator, who then takes the name “Megatron” after the name is shortened by cheering fans at one of his matches.

Who is stronger Megatron or prime?

considering the fallen said that a prime could kill him, and megatron could kill a prime, then yes. megatron is stronger than a prime. don’t forget that optimus only killed megatron after he (megatron) suffered extensive brain damage.

What rank is Megatron?

Megatron has become one of the franchise’s most iconic characters and a widely recognized villain in popular culture….

Function Decepticon Leader, Emperor of Destruction, Decepticon Supreme Commander, Strongest Emperor of Destruction, Dark Emperor of Destruction
Rank 10

Is prima the strongest Prime?

Primus is the ultimate Prime. His existence goes back to the beginning of the universe itself. He and Unicron were entities that decided to have their own separate outlooks on life. Primus was on the side of good and life, and ended up creating the Transformers.

Who is the scariest Transformer?

Leader of the Decepticons, Megatron isn’t only one of the baddest Decepticons ever created, he’s the most terrifying. He’s led an army against Optimus Prime for the better part of several million years in a war across not just one, but multiple planets across several galaxies.