Which Warlock spec is best for PVP Shadowlands?

Which Warlock spec is best for PVP Shadowlands?

Phantom Singularity is the best choice in this tier. This talent is the best choice because it deals a good amount of damage, as well as being instant cast without costing a Soul Shard. 1.5.

What is the best rotation for affliction warlock?

Agony. Agony is basically the most important spell in the Affliction Warlock rotation since it is the only Soul Shards generator.

What Pet Should Affliction Warlock use?

Summon Imp: Best choice for single target and target swapping (gives a Dispel). Summon Felhunter: Does around the same amount of damage as Imp if there is no target swapping (gives an Interrupt).

Are affliction warlocks good?

Affliction Warlock is the best specialization to level with, as it is mobile and provides good damage to spread out targets. It is very mobile while leveling, as DoTs can be cast while moving.

What is PvP affliction Warlock?

It is a game mode that fully utilizes your kit, especially spells that are rarely used in PvE. On this page, we go through all the spells you need to use in PvP as an Affliction Warlock, how you should use them, and we explain what your playstyle should be.

How to play as an affliction Warlock in WoW Classic?

The main goal in the opener as an Affliction Warlock is to maintain max distance while applying your DoT effects. This is the rotation you should use on your target at the beginning of the game. Cast Demonic Gateway from your pillar to another part of the map. Use Demonic Circle and place it behind a pillar close to your Demonic Gateway.

What is the role of the affliction Warlock in Arena?

The Affliction Warlock has two roles when in an Arena: keep applying spread pressure and survive. Affliction Warlocks are powerful because they have strong AoE damage and the ability to avoid damage through clever use of mobility.

What is the best PvP talent for Warlock?

PvP Talents for Affliction Warlocks. The first PvP talent tier will give you a choice between Gladiator’s Medallion, Relentless, and Adaptation. Gladiator’s Medallion is the best choice in this tier. It is great for removing crowd control on you that your healer cannot dispel.