Who are the male BBC News presenters?

Who are the male BBC News presenters?

BBC News Channel

Presenter Programme(s)
Ben Mundy BBC News, BBC World News
Clive Myrie BBC News, BBC World News, The Papers, BBC News with Katty and Christian
James Reynolds BBC News, BBC World News, The Papers
Kate Silverton BBC News

Who used to present radio1?

The first breakfast show presenter was Tony Blackburn, who spoke the first words on Radio 1 and remained in the slot for nearly six years. Other DJs who have hosted the breakfast show for more than five years are former hosts Nick Grimshaw, Mike Read, Simon Mayo, and Chris Moyles.

Who was the first female newsreader on the BBC News at Ten?

Nan Winton
Nancy Wigginton (6 November 1925 – 11 May 2019), known professionally as Nan Winton, was a British broadcaster, best known for being the first female newsreader to read the national news on BBC television.

Who is Clare runacres?

Clare Runacres – Broadcast Journalist – Newsreader BBC Radio 2, Five Live and 6 Music, Voice Overs, Podcaster, Producer BBC Radio 4,3 and 2 | LinkedIn.

Who has hosted Have I got news for you the most?

Alexander Armstrong
Alexander Armstrong has made the most appearances as guest presenter having hosted 37 episodes.

Who presents BBC News in the afternoon?

The BBC News at One is the afternoon/lunchtime news bulletin from the BBC….

BBC News at One
Also known as BBC One O’Clock News (1986–2008) BBC News at One O’Clock (1999–2004)
Created by BBC News
Presented by Jane Hill Victoria Derbyshire Ben Brown Reeta Chakrabarti
Theme music composer David Lowe

Who is Jules Lang?

Jules Lang (@JulesLangVoice) / Twitter. Voiceover artist, broadcaster, lover of trees and creator of preshuss things ….

Who is Bobby Prior?

Bobbie keeps the nation moving with the travel news on Simon Mayo drivetime, weekdays 5pm-7pm. Bobbie landed at BBC Radio 2 and established the weekend travel service following two years at BBC 5Live.

Who was the original host of Have I Got News For You?

Angus Deayton

Have I Got News for You
Presented by Angus Deayton (1990–2002) Guest presenters (2002–)
Starring Ian Hislop Paul Merton
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language English

Who has won the most episodes of Have I Got News For You?

As of the end of Series 35, Merton had won 29 of the series and Hislop has won just 3, with 7 drawn.

Who presents BBC News at 6?

For a long period the News at Six was the most watched news programme in the UK but since 2006 it has been overtaken by the BBC News at Ten. On average it is watched by four million viewers. The programme is presented by Fiona Bruce, George Alagiah, Sophie Raworth, Clive Myrie and Reeta Chakrabarti.

Who presented Top of the Pops in 1982?

Simon Bates presents the pop chart show, first broadcast on 28 January 1982. Includes appearances from Tight Fit, Stiff Little Fingers, Elkie Brooks, Alton Edwards, Haircut 100, Olivia Newton John, The Stranglers and Shakin’ Stevens.

Who presented Top of the Pops in 1984?

Mike Read

Role Contributor
Presenter Mike Read
Presenter Steve Wright
Producer Michael Hurll

What was the first song played on Radio Caroline?

Radio Caroline’s first musical theme was Jimmy McGriff’s “Round Midnight”, a jazz standard co-composed by Thelonious Monk. In March 1964, The Fortunes recorded Caroline, which became the station’s theme. Round Midnight was confined to closedown on Radio Caroline North after The World Tomorrow.