Who conquered Bursa?

Who conquered Bursa?

Ottomans were victorious. Osman Bey resolved to take Bursa, and began preparations to besiege the city in 1317.

Who was sultan after Orhan?

Murad I

Predecessor Osman I
Successor Murad I
Born 1281
Died March 1362 (aged 80–81) Bursa, Ottoman Beylik

Who was the mother of Orhan?

Malhun HatunOrhan / MotherMalhun Hatun was the first wife of Osman I, the leader of the Ottoman Turks and the founder of the dynasty that established and ruled the Ottoman Empire. She was the mother of Sultan Orhan. Wikipedia

Did Ertugrul conquer Karacahisar castle?

In the siege (1231-1232), Ertugrul and his veteran warriors conquered the castle after a long struggle.

Who is Orhan’s wife?

Theodora Maria Kantakouzenem. 1346
Asporça Hatunm. 1316–1362Nilüfer Hatunm. 1299

How many wives did Ertugrul Ghazi have?


Ertuğrul ارطغرل
Died c. 1280 Söğüt, Sultanate of Rum
Burial Tomb of Ertuğrul Gazi, Söğüt, Bilecik Province
Spouse Halime Hatun (disputed)
Issue Osman I Saru Batu Savcı Bey Gündüz Alp

Who ruined Karacahisar castle?

Before being captured by Osman I in 1288, which the castle is known for, Seljuk Sultan Kayqubad I besieged Karacahisar Castle in 1231. However, when he received news that the Mongols had entered Anatolia, he gave the siege to Ertugrul (father of Osman I).

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