Who did the Rockets beat in 94?

Who did the Rockets beat in 94?

New York Knicks
The Western Conference champion Houston Rockets played the Eastern Conference champion New York Knicks for the championship, with the Rockets holding home-court advantage in the best-of-seven series. The Rockets defeated the Knicks 4 games to 3 to win the team’s first NBA championship.

Who did the Rockets beat in 95?

Orlando Magic (0-4)

Who won the championship in 94 and 95?

Houston Rockets
The 1995 NBA Finals was the championship round of the 1994–95 National Basketball Association (NBA) season. The series pitted the Eastern Conference champion Orlando Magic against the defending NBA champion and Western Conference champion Houston Rockets….1995 NBA Finals.

Team Coach Wins
Orlando Magic Brian Hill 0

When did the Houston Rockets change their logo?

By 2004, the Houston Rockets had switched over to the logo that still sees use in the present time. It is interesting to note that this logo is perhaps the simplest one that the basketball team has ever used, but it manages to stand out because of its cleverness.

Who won the championship in 94?

Houston Rockets1994 NBA Finals / Champion

Who was on the 94 Rockets team?

Per Game

Rk 3PA
1 Hakeem Olajuwon 0.2
2 Otis Thorpe 0.0
3 Vernon Maxwell 5.4
4 Robert Horry 1.7

When did Shaq get swept?

The San Antonio Spurs swept Shaq and the Lakers in the 1999 Western Conference semifinals.

How did the Rockets win in 1995?

In the Finals, they swept the Orlando Magic in four straight games, and won their second consecutive championship, with Olajuwon being named Finals MVP for the second straight year. As the 6th seed in the 1995 playoffs, the Rockets are the lowest-seeded team to win an NBA championship.

Who won the 94 finals?

How many Houston Rockets are in the Hall of Fame?

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Houston Rockets Hall of Famers
22 Clyde Drexler 1995-1998
4 Charles Barkley 1996-2000
34 Hakeem Olajuwon 1984-2001

What seed were the Rockets in 1994?

Who did the Rockets beat in 93?

In the 1994 NBA Finals, they defeated the New York Knicks in seven games after trailing 3–2, and won their first championship in franchise history. It was the Rockets’ third NBA finals appearance, after 1981 and 1986….

1993–94 Houston Rockets season
Owner(s) Leslie Alexander
Arena The Summit
Record 58–24 (.707)

Has Jordan ever been swept?

Despite Jordan’s skills, the Bulls were once again swept by the Celtics in the first round of the NBA playoffs. The Bulls made it to the playoffs three more times in a row before winning their first NBA championship in 1991, a feat the team repeated in 1992 and 1993.

When did Michael Jordan lose in the first round?

Jordan could not lead the Bulls past the first round of the playoffs by himself losing to the champion Celtics and in 1987 general manager Jerry Krause acquired Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant at that summer’s draft.