Who has hit most double century in ODI?

Who has hit most double century in ODI?

RG Sharma
Most Double Hundreds in ODI

# Player Score
1 RG Sharma 264, 209, 208*
2 MJ Guptill 237*
3 V Sehwag 219
4 CH Gayle 215

How many players have scored double century in ODI?

Rohit Sharma is the only player with three ODI double centuries having scored 209, 264 and 208*.

Who scored most 200 runs in ODI?

SR Tendulkar
Highest individual score in One Day International cricket as of June 2022, by player

Characteristic Number of runs scored
SR Tendulkar (india vs South Africa – 2010)* 200
CK Coventry (Zimbabwe vs Bangladesh – 2009)* 194
Saeed Anwar (Pakistan vs India – 1997) 194
Fakhar Zaman (Pakistan vs South Africa – 2021) 193

Who hit most double century in cricket?

Sir Don Bradman
Former Australian batting maestro, Sir Don Bradman holds the record for scoring most double hundreds in Test Cricket. Bradman, who finished with a mind-boggling Test average of 99.94, registered 12 double centuries in his entire Test career.

Who made fastest 50 in ODI?

batsman AB de Villiers
South African batsman AB de Villiers holds the records for making the fastest fifty, hundred and 150 in ODIs. De Villiers scored ODI’s fastest-ever century, off 31 balls, against West Indies on January 18, 2015. In the same innings, he made the fastest ODI fifty, taking 16 balls.

Who is the fastest 150 runs in ODI?

The Fastest Five 150 Scores in ODI Cricket

  • #1 AB De Villiers in 64 Balls vs West Indies (2015) SuperSport.
  • #2 Jos Buttler in 76 Balls vs West Indies (2019) Advertisements.
  • #3 Shane Watson in 83 Balls vs Bangladesh (2011)
  • #4 Chris Gayle in 85 Balls vs England (2019)
  • #5 Sharjeel Khan in 85 Balls vs Ireland (2016)

How many cricketers have a double century in ODI cricket?

Aside from setting it as a goal, attaining a double century requires a lot of skill, patience, energy, endurance, and incredible strength. Currently, there are only a total of eight cricketers who have succeeded in appearing in the Double Century List for the ODI format.

What is the highest ODI score in cricket?

Saeed Anwar and Charles Coventry held the record for the highest ODI score (194) for a really long time. It was only in 2010 where we witnessed the first ODI double hundred. Post that, we got seven other double centuries in the next eight years. Irrespective of the opposition or ground, every double century was world-class.

What is Chris Gayle’s record for a double century in cricket?

Jamaican native Chris Gayle’s record 200 run or more popularly known as the highly coveted double century was a result of his energetic and explosive performance in the ICC World Cup. Regarded as one of the best batsmen in the history of Twenty20 matches, Gayle is in fact a top-notch ODI player who has a 146.25 strike hit.

When was the first century scored in cricket?

It wasn’t until six years after the first century was made that a cricketer in a top-class match named John Small managed to score his own century with 136 runs. Players for other cricket formats however weren’t as unlucky because runs that qualified as a century or a double didn’t reoccur until the 1800s and onwards.