Who holds the record for the Olympic decathlon?

Who holds the record for the Olympic decathlon?

Kevin Mayer
The current world record holder in the decathlon is French national Kevin Mayer. Over the years athletes have become bigger, stronger, and faster; in turn athletes scored more points leading to the world record where it stands now at 9126 points by the current world record holder Kevin Mayer.

Who won gold in decathlon 2021?

Damian Warner
TORONTO, Dec 8 (Reuters) – Damian Warner, who won decathlon gold at this year’s Tokyo Olympics, was voted Canada’s athlete of the year on Wednesday.

What is Neeraj Chopra’s best throw?

Chopra’s record-breaking throw helped him finish second in the competition. Oliver Helander, the event’s local favourite, topped the list with a throw of 89.83 metres….Best throws by Indians in men’s javelin in 2022.

Mark 89.30
Competitor Neeraj CHOPRA
Venue Paavo Nurmi Stadium, Turku (FIN)
Date 14 JUN 2022

How long did Bruce Jenner hold world record?

Guinness World Records can today confirm that Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, has shattered the record for fastest time to reach one million followers on Twitter. The reality star and former Olympic athlete’s new verified account @Caitlyn_Jenner reached the figure in just 4 hours and 3 minutes.

How many points did Bruce Jenner get in decathlon?

8,617 points
On July 30, 1976, American Caitlyn Jenner—who was competing as Bruce Jenner—wins gold in the men’s decathlon at the Montreal Olympics. Jenner’s 8,617 points set a world record in the event. The secret to Jenner’s success was preparation. In the 1970s, most decathletes trained with other decathletes.

Who won silver and bronze in the decathlon?

Kevin Mayer of France, who holds the world record in the decathlon with 9,126 points, won the silver medal with 8,726 points. Ashley Maloney of Australia scored 8,649 to earn bronze. Garrett Scantling of the United States was fourth with 8,611 points.

Who is the goat of track and field?

Usain Bolt Many still consider Carl Lewis the GOAT in track. From 1979-1996, Lewis won an amazing 10 Olympic medals—including nine gold—and 10 World Championship medals, eight of the gold fashion.

Who is the goat of all goats?

Who is the GOAT of the GOATs?

Brady 🏈 Jordan 🏀
Stat Rank Stat
Elo Rating 8 PER
ANY/A+ 8 WS/48

Is Bruce Jenner the greatest athlete of all time?

But he was well known to American audiences long before his foray into reality television. As a decathlete, Jenner was an Olympic gold medalist once described by Time magazine as the “world’s greatest athlete”.