Who is Nabin Chandra Bordoloi?

Who is Nabin Chandra Bordoloi?

Nabin Chandra Bardoloi (1875–1936) was an Indian writer, politician and leader of Indian National Congress party from Assam. An Indian independence movement activist, he was a prominent leader from Assam in the Non-cooperation movement (1920–1922) of Mahatma Gandhi.

Who was the first Assamese to join the Indian National Congress?

Q 87. Who was the first Assamese to join the Indian National Congress during its Second session held in 1886? Answer: According to APSC answer key, answer is c) Devicharan Baruah.

Who wrote Smritir Tirtha?

Nalini Bala Devi wrote her father Nabin Chandra Bordoloi’s biography – Smritir Tirtha (1948). Biswadeepa (A collection of biographies of famous women), Eri Oha Dinbur (The Days Passed, Autobiography) and Sardar Vallavbhai Patel are some of her other biographical works. She also wrote a drama titled Meerabai.

Who is called the Lion of Assam?

The Lion of Assam: Karmavir’ Nabin Chandra Bordoloi.

Who are the freedom fighters of Assam?

FICCI FLO Northeast Chairperson, Suruchi Agarwal, explained that one wall block has been dedicated to freedom fighters of Assam, Radha Govinda Baruah, Tarun Ram Phookun, Kanaklata, Bimala Prasad Chaliha, Nabin Chandra Bordoloi and Bhogeswari Phukanani in order to honour and remember their sacrifices during the …

Who was the first CM in Assam?

Since 1946, Assam has had 17 chief ministers. Ten of these belonged to the Indian National Congress, including Gopinath Bordoloi, the first Chief Minister of Assam, and Anwara Taimur, India’s first female Muslim chief minister.

Who is the first Assamese President?

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed was born on 13 May 1905 at the Hauz Qazi area of Old Delhi, India.

Who wrote alakananda?

Nalini Bala Devi

Nalini Bala Devi
Nationality Indian
Citizenship India
Notable works Sondhiyara Sur Alakananda
Notable awards Sahitya Akademi Award Padma Shri

Who wrote the book Yaruingam?

Birendra Kumar BhattacharyaIyaruingam / Author

Who is the Iron Man of Assam?

His dedication, simplicity, honesty and love for Assam and India was legendary. He is known as the Iron Man of Assam. Its no wonder that after departure of Bishnuram from the political scenario of Assam, rampant illegal influx from Bangladesh took place on political patronage for which Bishnuram was a stumbling block.

Who is known as Agni Kobi?

Kamalakanta Bhattacharya
Kamalakanta Bhattacharya; 1853–1936) was a prominent essayist and poet belonged to the Oronodoi era of Assamese literature. He was born in 23 December 1853 in Gorehagi village, Biswanath Chariali, Sonitpur district, Assam. He was popularly known as ‘Agnikobi’ (অগ্নিকবি). Politically, he was strongly nationalistic.

Who is the first IAS officer from Assam?

He was the first person from Assam to be directly recruited to the IAS as well as the first Scheduled Tribe IAS officer in India when he cleared the civil services examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission in 1954….

Jamchonga Nampui
Personal details
Occupation Civil Servant

Who is the first female freedom fighter of Assam?

Kiran Bala Bora
Born 1904 North Haiborgaon, Nagaon, Assam, India
Died January 1993 (aged 88–89) Panigaon Choiali, Nagaon, Assam, India
Occupation Freedom Fighter, Social Activist
Years active 1919–1947

Who is the first female CM of Assam?

In the history of Assam, she was the only female and Muslim Chief Minister of the state. She was Chief Minister of Assam from 6 December 1980 to 30 June 1981. In Indian history also, Syeda Anwara Taimur was the first Muslim woman Chief Minister of any state.

Which is the biggest village in Assam?


Sualkuchi শুৱালকুছি Soalkuchi
Country India
State Assam
District Kamrup
Elevation 35 m (115 ft)

Who is the first woman Chief Minister of Assam?

Who got first Arjuna award in Assamese?

He also won a silver medal in the 4 x 400 metres relay in the 1970 Asian games. He is a recipient of the Arjuna Award and is the first Assamese to obtain the Arjuna award. Baruah was born on 3 September in 1940.

Who was Noni Bala Devi?

Nalini Bala Devi (23 March 1898– 24 December 1977) was an Indian writer and poet of Assamese literature, known for nationalistic as well as mystical poetry.

Who was known as Bihogi Kobi?

Raghunath Choudhary
Raghunath Choudhary (1879–1967) was an Indian writer of the Jonaki era or the romantic era of Assamese literature. Choudhary is known as Bihogi Kobi (poet of birds) because most of his writings are based on birds and nature.

Who got Nobel Prize from Assam?

Birendra Kumar Bhattacharya
Language Assamese
Nationality Indian
Notable works Mrityunjay Iyaruingam Aai
Notable awards Sahitya Akademi Award (1960) Jnanpith Award (1979)