Who is number 1 in League of Legends?

Who is number 1 in League of Legends?

Best Players rankings

# Name Soloqueue
1. Nick link BR (#1) Challenger 1873 LP Wins: 309 (57.8%)
2. Morttheusz BR (#2) Challenger 1800 LP Wins: 382 (55.5%)
3. hidanvs1 BR (#3) Challenger 1749 LP Wins: 277 (58.2%)
4. QUINDINHO BR (#4) Challenger 1744 LP Wins: 647 (53.6%)

Who is the highest ranked player in LoL?

Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok
Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok is indisputably the best LoL player of all time. He started his professional career in February 2013 and was a World Champion by September. Since then, he’s won two more world titles and finished runner-up in 2017.

Who were the first 20 Champions in LoL?

League Of Legends: All 17 Original Champions, Ranked By How Viable They Are Today

  1. 1 Ashe: The Frost Archer.
  2. 2 Soraka: The Starchild.
  3. 3 Tristana: The Yordle Gunner.
  4. 4 Ryze: The Rune Mage.
  5. 5 Alistar: The Minotaur.
  6. 6 Warwick: The Uncaged Wrath Of Zaun.
  7. 7 Morgana: The Fallen.
  8. 8 Twisted Fate: The Card Master.

Who is the rank 1 euw?

Best Players rankings EUW

# Name Soloqueue
1. MagiFelix5 EUW (#1) Challenger 1688 LP Wins: 675 (55.0%)
2. good in head EUW (#2) Challenger 1615 LP Wins: 203 (57.2%)
3. MAD AD EUW (#3) Challenger 1609 LP Wins: 204 (55.1%)
4. Built EUW (#4) Challenger 1596 LP Wins: 224 (60.9%)

Who is the oldest league champ?

The Oldest Champions According to Lore

  • Fiddlesticks: This champion was created by the first spirits and demons of Runeterra making him almost 15000 years old.
  • Kindred: Another champion that is a creation of the first spirits and demons.
  • Soraka: Yes, we weren’t just baiting you in with the Soraka picture.

Did TF blade hit rank 1 euw?

TF Blade on Twitter: “EUW is finally done, took 15 days from unranked to rank 1 https://t.co/P8aZGeb25O” / Twitter.

What does euw stand for?


Acronym Definition
EUW European Utility Week (trade show)
EUW European Union of Women
EUW End-User Workstation

What rank is TF Blade?

Player Info

Rank Diamond I
Role Top
Most Played
Name Ashkan Homayouni
Birthplace Iran (Islamic Republic of)

What EUNE means?

European Union Network of Excellence.

What does EUE stand for?


Acronym Definition
EUE End User Experience
EUE Energy Utilization Efficiency
EUE Energy Usage Efficiency
EUE End User Error