Who is PK Kelkar?

Who is PK Kelkar?

Kelkar. Dr. Purushottam Kashinath Kelkar, known to many in India and abroad as the first founder director and architect of the highly regarded Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur, India.

Who established IIT Kanpur?

Professor P. K. Kelkar
IIT Kanpur came into existence on November 2, 1959 through the registration of a society in New Delhi. Professor P. K. Kelkar, the founding director, took charge on December 14, 1959 and the first batch of B. Tech.

How do I connect to IITK VPN?

Connect to IITK through VPN Tunnel for Linux Client Untar and run the forticlientsslvpn file. You will get the following screen: Enter gateway.iitk.ac.in in the Field for “Server” and change the port to “443” from “10443”, your IITK username in the Field for “User” and your password in the field for “Password”.

When was IIT Kanpur built?

2001Master of Business Administration (MBA), IIT Kanpur / Founded

Who founded IIT Bombay?

A high-powered committee of the Government of India, headed by Sir Nalini Ranjan Sarkar, a businessman, educationist, industrialist and public figure, recommended in 1946 the establishment of four higher institutes of technology on the lines of their counterparts in Europe and the United States to set the direction for …

Who is the owner of IIT?

Ministry of Education, Government of India
The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are central government-owned-public technical institutes located across India. They are under the ownership of Ministry of Education, Government of India.

Which is the biggest IIT in India?

Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur IIT Kharagpur
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur IIT Kharagpur has the largest campus which spreads over 2000 acres .

How do I access IITK network from outside?

Answer : You can use VPN to access IITK Network from outside IIT Kanpur.

How do I connect to IITK intranet?

Enter your IITK username in the Field for “Username” and your password in the field for “Password”. Click on Connect. Now your machine is connected to IITK Network and is a part of IITK LAN, as if you are physically present in IITK. You can access all local resources (telnet, ssh, ftp, browse any local server).

Which is the smallest IIT?

At present,IIT-D has the highest student strength among all IITs and operates from the smallest campus. “We have 300 acres here,of which about 250 acres is functional.

How can I connect IITK SEC to laptop?

Connecting to Secure Wireless (iitk-sec) on Fedora Page 2 Configuration • Go to “System→Preferences→Network Connections”. • Click on “Wireless” tab and then ”Add” button. Page 3 Configuration • Check “Connect automatically” and “Available to all users”. Set SSID to “iitk-sec”. Page 4 Configuration • Go to “Wireless …

How do I log into IITK WIFI?

For Android 11 and above – use “wifi.iitk.ac.in” in domain name.

Which IIT is best in world?

IIT-Kharagpur has been named as one of the top universities of the world for the study of several subjects in the domain of engineering, according to the latest edition of QS World University Ranking.