Who is Sally Lindsay husband?

Who is Sally Lindsay husband?

Steve WhiteSally Lindsay / Husband (m. 2013)Steven Douglas White is an English drummer who has worked extensively with Paul Weller and The Style Council among others. Wikipedia

What sort of house does Sally Lindsay live in?

Georgian manor house
Kirkby Fleetham Hall, a Grade-II listed Georgian manor house close to Northallerton, has been showcased on season two of the programme by Sally, who is well-known for starring in Coronation Street.

Is Sally Lindsay related to Lindsay?

Is 22 Kids and Counting narrator Sally Lindsay related to Robert Lindsay? No, the two are not believed to be related. Sally is from Stockport, Greater Manchester, whereas actor Robert is from Ilkeston in Derbyshire. Robert is best known for his roles in the sitcoms My Family, Citizen Smith and Get Some In!

Where is Sally Lindsay posh sleepover?

the Surrey Hills
sally-lindsay-s-posh-sleepover Sally is in the Surrey Hills, at a Hollywood-style mansion.

How old is Sally Lindsay?

48 years (July 8, 1973)Sally Lindsay / Age

Did Sally Lindsay go to university?

University of Hull
Xaverian CollegeManchester School of Acting
Sally Lindsay/Education

Who is Karen posh weekends?

Sally is in rural north Yorkshire, staying over in one of the county’s largest and grandest residential homes. Sally’s host is Sunderland-born self-made millionaire Karen, who made her fortune working as a property developer from the age of 19.

Is Robert Lindsey married?

Rosemarie Fordm. 2006
Cheryl Hallm. 1974–1980
Robert Lindsay/Spouse

What nationality is Sally Lindsay?

BritishSally Lindsay / Nationality

How old are Sally Lindsay?

How tall is Sally Lindsay?

5′ 5″Sally Lindsay / Height

Who is Helen and Hans Marbella?

Hans made his millions as the founder of telecoms giant Orange, while Helen held top positions in English football, cricket and rugby before they moved permanently to the Costa del Sol. Their incredible six-bedroom villa was lovingly restored by Helen with no expense spared.

Where is Sally Lindsay North Yorkshire?

TELEVISION crews have once again turned their lens on North Yorkshire as the county was showcased on another hit TV show this month.

Does Robert Lindsay have a daughter?

Sydney Laura StevensonRobert Lindsay / Daughter

Who is Robert Lindsay wife?

Robert Lindsay/Wife

How old is Sally Corrie?

59 years (May 30, 1963)Sally Dynevor / Age

How much did Hans Snook sell orange for?

Orange chief executive Hans Snook will earn a bonus of up to £45m in the next five years after German industrial and telecommunications concern Mannesmann finalised its acquisition of the mobile phone network for £19.8bn in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Who did Sally Lindsay stay with in Marbella?

The actress heads to Marbella to stay at hosts Helen and Hans’ six-bedroom villa, which has a two-tier cascade swimming pool, a secret cinema and an art collection Hans made his millions as the founder of telecoms giant Orange and Helen held top positions in English football, cricket and rugby, before they moved …

Who is Karen from posh weekends?

She is hosted by property developer and events organiser Karen Stephenson, who owns the huge stately home. Karen, who was born in Sunderland, is self-made millionaire who made her fortune as a property developer from the age of 19.

Where was posh sleepover filmed?