Who is Sosa from O Block?

Who is Sosa from O Block?

The nickname “Sosa” is a reference to Alejandro Sosa, the drug kingpin in the movie Scarface. LA Weekly reported that Chief Keef’s Glo Gang entourage respects the rapper. One member of the Glo Gang, Ballout, stated, “We learned all that from Sosa, we be in the studio with him so much”, calling him, “a rhyming machine.

Where do you live O Block?

The 6400 block of South King Drive, known locally as O Block after murder victim Odee Perry, had the most shootings of any block in Chicago between June 2011 and June 2014.

Did Chief Keef live in O Block?

Home to some of the biggest names in modern drill music is Parkway Gardens, more infamously known as O Block. Rappers like Chief Keef, King Von, Fredo Santana, and Lil Durk were all raised in the notorious Chicago neighborhood.

What do Sosa mean?


Acronym Definition
SOSA Sub-Organizational Systems Administrator
SOSA Space Operations Support Agreement
SOSA Standard Operation Support Agreement
SOSA Status Of Staff Actions

Is Von from 63rd?

A lot of the time, Von’s stories have a punchline: He will let you know that he’s not from 63rd. (Von really, really hates 63rd Street and anyone from there.) In just over a year, Von has released three albums, and all of them are solid. Von raps with a punchy energy and an icy sort of precision.

Why do rappers talk about 63rd?

The slang term “63rd” is a noun which is used by Chicago rappers like King Von, Lil Durk, and many more to represent or describe their opps block.

Is King Von and Lil Durk related?

King Von and Lil Durk are not brothers, they are just lifelong friends.

What does Sosa stand for in rap?

Chief Keef’s Nickname. Other Chief Keef Nicknames: So, Almighty So. Chief Keef’s real name: Keith Farrelle Cozart. Example sentence: “Chief Keef also goes by Sosa.”

Who is O Block beefing with?

King Yella Sides With NBA YoungBoy In O-Block Beef, Calls Out Lil Durk & Chief Keef. King Yella reacts to NBA YoungBoy’s diss against O-Block, taking the rapper’s side and calling out Lil Durk and Chief Keef.

Is 63rd O Block?

O Block sits in the midst of the Chicago Police Department’s Beat 312, which stretches east from the Dan Ryan Expressway past Cottage Grove, roughly between 63rd and 65th streets.

Who is VROY?

Dayvon Daquan Bennett, better known by his stage name King Von or V Roy, was an American rapper from Chicago, Illinois, who lived from August 9, 1994 to November 6, 2020. Only the Family, Lil Durk’s record label, and Empire Distribution signed him.

What rapper is from 63rd?

The slang term “63rd” has been used by Lil Durk, King Von, Tech N9ne, Toosii, FBG Duck, Mick Jenkins, and many more rappers.