Who is Telangana Transport Commissioner?

Who is Telangana Transport Commissioner?

Dr. Jyoti Buddha Prakash
Organizations and Contacts

Secretary to Government Sri K. S. Sreenivasa Raju, IAS [email protected]
Spl. Secretary Smt. B. Vijiendra, IAS
Transport Commissioner
Transport Commissioner (FAC) Dr. Jyoti Buddha Prakash, IAS [email protected]
Jt. Transport Commissioner & Secretary Sri J. Pandurang Naik [email protected]

How do I complain to RTA Telangana?

SMS(Short Messaging Services) technologies are adopted for communication across functionaries and citizens. 1100 (BSNL Land line /Mobile), 1800 4251 110 (Others)….

Telephone 10800
Total 49899

How many RTO offices are there in Telangana?

RTO Telangana The Transport Department of Telangana has 36 RTOs under it which are spread throughout all the districts of the state.

Who is the RTO of Hyderabad?

TS-11 RTO Office Hyderabad – East Zone

RTO Code TS-11
Office Address D.No.16-11-16/U/52, Street – West Prakashnagar, RTA East Zone Moosarambagh, Malakpet, Hyderabad, Telangana – 500 036
Office Timings 10:30AM-1:30PM
Phone Number 91-40-23311269

How do I complain to the MRO?

  1. Speak to a Lawyer – Call directly on +91 836 959 1430.
  2. On-call Advocate Consultation charges: – Property – Rs 499.
  3. Write to us? Click to Ask a Question.
  4. Summary: The MRO assists the higher authorities in collecting information and conducting inquiries.
  5. Reference: Mandal Revenue Office.
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Which zone is medchal RTA?

Telangana RTO List

RTO Name RTO Code
RTO Medchal-Malkajgiri TS-08
RTO Hyderabad Central Zone TS-09
RTO Hyderabad North Zone TS-10
RTO Hyderabad East Zone TS-11

Can we use other state vehicles in Hyderabad?

A vehicle can be used in any other state without re-registration for a maximum period of 12 months. Following is the list of documents required for the same: Registration Certificate of the vehicle. Residence Proof of the applicant.

How do I report a municipality?

If that is unsuccessful you can phone the provincial complaint lines: In the Eastern Cape you can call 0800 032 364 toll free. In the Free State you can call 0800 535 554 toll free. In Gauteng you can call 0800 203 886 toll free.

How do I lodge a complaint against a municipality?

The Presidential Hotline 17737 should be used when all your attempts to get assistance from a government department, province, municipality or state agency have failed. It is not only a complaints line. You can call to share your views or provide solutions to the challenges in your community.

What are green plates?

Distinguished by the green bar down the side, green number plates are designed to raise awareness of electric vehicles and incentivise motorists into making the switch to zero emissions vehicles.

Who uses green number plate?

electric cars
Green number plate- If you see a green coloured number plate on roads, be sure that these number plates belong to electric cars. These are applicable for use on road-legal electric buses as well as commercial electric vehicles.