Who is the best vendor in Fallout 4?

Who is the best vendor in Fallout 4?

Fallout 4 Best Place to Sell Weapons, Chems, Loot Items

  • Arturo Rodriguez in Diamond City.
  • Myrna in Diamond City.
  • Solomon in Diamond City.
  • KL-E-O in Goodneighbor.
  • Synth Requisition Officer in The Institute.
  • Daniel Finch.
  • The Scribe.
  • Daisy in Goodneighbor.

How do you recruit vendors in Fallout 4?

You need to head over to Goodneighbor in order to recruit Vault-Tec Rep. You meet during Rylee Random Encounter: Rylee the Trader. You need to head over to Vault 81 in order to recruit Holt Combes.

Who is Eleanor Fallout 4?

Eleanor is a trader in the Commonwealth in 2287.

Can you get a doctor in your settlement Fallout 4?

Doc Anderson is a traveling doctor in the Commonwealth in 2287. She can be recruited into settlements as soon as a surgery center has been constructed, and there are 20 settlers total in linked settlements.

How do you recruit Doc Anderson?

EDIT: Turns out you need to actually have the store built. I found out by building a Clinic. It then let me recruit Doc Anderson.

Does Eleanor make mods for Fallout 4?

Description: This mod brings a functional new settlement to Fallout 4. Compatible with Sim Settlements and Nuka World (raiders jobs).

Is there a doctor in Far Harbor?

Teddy Wright is the physician of Far Harbor in 2287.

How do I recruit Ron Staples?

After several days of in-game playtime he will eventually disappear and need to be recruited again, just to have the same thing happen. To fix this, simply go into command mode, and hit R to move Ron Staples. Send him somewhere else other than the settlement you are at/want him at.

Why do my settlers keep changing clothes?

In vanilla Fallout 4, settlers have a basic set of clothes. Whenever you place equipment in their inventory, they will wear or wield whatever you choose (if they can). If any dynamic item of clothing is taken from their inventory, they will revert back to their default clothing.

What are the best mods in Fallout 4?

Best Fallout 4 mods: Table of contents

  • Sim Settlements.
  • Transfer Settlements ⭐.
  • VTO (Vertical Takeoff Outpost) Mod ⭐.
  • Place Everywhere.
  • Salvage Beacons.
  • Workshop Synth Production.
  • Wall Pass-Through Power Conduits.
  • Basement Living.
  • Conquest.
  • How do you create a mod in Fallout 4?

    Open Up Results 4 as well as choose Mods from the primary food selection.

  • Discover the mod you want to set up.
  • Select the mod you want to set up and afterwards choose Download and install.
  • When mounted,fill a present video game or begin a brand-new one to play!
  • What do mods do I use in Fallout 4?

    Click here to download the Nexus Mod Manager. Then click on the downloaded file and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the NMM installation.

  • When you launch the Nexus Mod Manager for the first time,it will scan your computer and find the installed games.
  • Select Fallout 4 from the list of installed games and click on OK to save it.
  • What is the best graphics mod for Fallout 4?

    [Top 10] Fallout 4 Best Graphics Mods that Make The Game Look Amazing. 1 . Enhanced Lights and FX. The Enhanced Lights and FX mod by Anamorfus makes the lighting of the game more realistic and atmospheric than ever. IT 2 . Fr4nnson’s Light Tweaks. 3 . Darker Nights. 4 . Water Enhanced. 5 . Vivid