Who is the owner of Owsla?

Who is the owner of Owsla?

Owsla (stylized in all caps) is an American record label and creative collective. It was founded by Skrillex, Tim Smith, Kathryn Frazier, and Clayton Blaha in 2011….

Parent company Warner Music Group
Founded August 17, 2011
Founder Skrillex
Status Active

What label is REZZ signed to?

Rezz/Record labels

How do I send demo to Owsla?

Upload your demo track(s) to OWSLA. Use the ‘Select’ button below to select files from your device, or just drag and drop them somewhere onto this dashed region. After uploading your tracks, click the ‘Submit demo’ button below to continue!

Does Skrillex still make music?

Stream: EDC Las Vegas 2022 is Now Live Since sharing the news that the first of multiple albums was almost complete back in March 2020, the feverish anticipation surrounding Skrillex’s next LP has boiled over. Since then, he has been spotted in the studio with a bevy of jaw-dropping collaborators.

Are REZZ and Lucie together?

About two months ago one of our favorite EDM power couple, Lucii and Rezz, parted ways from each other quietly from the public eye. Though there was no official statement made, both have removed all Instagram photos with each other confirming the rumor that their time together has come to an end.

What ethnicity is REZZ?

Early life. Ethnically a Persian-Ukrainian, Rezazadeh was born in Ukraine and was raised by her Ukrainian mother and Iranian father, before moving to Canada at a young age. While attending high school, she worked at Hard Rock Cafe at Niagara Falls.

Who was Lucii dating?

Rezz, an artist who has been in the spotlight for years, began dating rising star and Wakaan frequenter, Lucii. As two of the most influential female DJs in the scene, fans absolutely could not get enough of the thought of these two pursuing a relationship together.

What ethnicity is Rezz?

Did Rezz break up with her girlfriend?

Does Rezz have girlfriend?

It was around this time last year that Rezz and Lucii became EDM’s favorite couple. Rezz, an artist who has been in the spotlight for years, began dating rising star and Wakaan frequenter, Lucii.

Where did the name Owsla come from?

The name “Owsla” is a reference to Richard Adams ‘ fantasy novel Watership Down, in which anthropomorphized rabbits must evade a military group of the same name.

Who is the newest member of Owsla?

“Meet Mark Johns: The Newest Member of Skrillex’s Owsla Imprint”. Billboard. Retrieved 2018-01-30. ^ Billboard (2016-11-29). “Marshmello Launches New ‘Ritual’ Merch Line With Owsla”.

What is the Owsla Nestivus Charity campaign?

A year later, Owsla launched the Nestivus Charity Campaign, a series of holiday initiatives with all proceeds going to the international music nonprofit, Bridges for Music. On September 18, 2016, Owsla celebrated five years of establishment with a party in Los Angeles.