Who is the publisher of PhilStar?

Who is the publisher of PhilStar?

Owned and published by Philstar Daily Inc., it is a vaunted pillar of Philippine journalism whose integrity is anchored on the Biblical motto, “Truth Shall Prevail”. Veteran newsmen Max Soliven, Betty Go-Belmonte and Art Borjal founded The Philippine STAR on July 28, 1986 in the heels of the Edsa Revolution.

What type of media is Philippine Star newspaper?

The Philippine Star (self-styled The Philippine STAR) is an English-language print and digital newspaper in the Philippines and the flagship brand of the PhilStar Media Group.

When was Philippine Star founded?

July 28, 1986The Philippine Star / First issue date

Who owns Philippinestar?

Majority of the shares– 51 percent– are owned by Hastings Holdings, Incorporated, which belongs to Manuel V. Pangilinan’s (MVP) group of companies.

Is The Philippine Star a reliable source?

The newsroom’s award-winning multimedia journalism is known for its credible breaking news and contextual real-time coverage, in-depth explanatory reports and engaging storytelling that aim to help our audience make well-informed decisions and understand events and the world around them.

What is the purpose of Philippine Star newspaper?

Philstar.com is one of the country’s leading and most recognized digital brands in journalism. It is a top destination for a broad range of content, be it social, political, business, sports, entertainment or lifestyle news.

What is all about the Philippine Star?

Philstar.com is a Philippine news, sports, lifestyle and entertainment portal for the Filipino global community. It is the digital arm of the STAR Group of Publications, a leading publisher of newspapers and magazines in the Philippines.

What is the content of Philippine Star?

Can everyone access the information Why or why not Philippine Star newspaper?

Anyone can view our sites, but a free registration process is required to access the full range of information and services offered across our different sites.

Who is owner of ABS-CBN?

Lopez, Inc.
Lopez Holdings Corporation
ABS-CBN Corporation/Parent organizations

Whats does BBC mean?

British Broadcasting CorporationBBC / Full name

Can everyone access the information in Philippine Star newspaper?