Who is the strongest god in Smite 2022?

Who is the strongest god in Smite 2022?

Smite B tier consists of gods that are strong in a variety of situations but have one or two weaknesses….Smite B Tier List (2022)

Smite Character Attack Type Damage Type
Baron Samedi Ranged Magical
Fenrir Melee Physical
Chang’e Ranged Magical
Artio Melee Magical

Who is the strongest warrior in Smite?

Smite: The Best Warrior Gods, Ranked

  • 8 Erlang Shen.
  • 7 Achilles.
  • 6 Sun Wukong.
  • 5 Cu Chulainn.
  • 4 Vamana.
  • 3 Hercules.
  • 2 Gilgamesh.
  • 1 Amaterasu.

Who is the best support god in Smite?

The Egyptian Scarab is the best Support God in Smite, and it’s no mystery as to why. His ability set gives him a silence, a root, a cleanse, and a damage reduction. Additionally, his Ultimate ability allows him to resurrect a teammate if they die while under its effects.

Who is the least played God in Smite?

click on any god, shows you their popularity. Hel and Bastet are the least popular, Tyr is only 39th because he’s new.

Who does the most damage Smite?

Scylla is the premier burst mage in Smite. A character renowned for her insane damage and game-changing ultimate, Scylla will win games all by herself. She has abilities that are very hard to miss, a good escape, and an ultimate that can nearly one-shot squishier characters, as well as reset itself on a kill.

Who is the best healer in Smite?

Who is the best Healer in smite? For a single target, Aphrodite. Otherwise, I’d say Hel. Hel has instant heal so probably her, everyone else either has too weak a heal or one that works over time.

Who has the most health in Smite?

Coming in at number 1 for not only the Guardians but overall in Smite with the most HP is the beautifully chunky Ymir. Ymir, Father of the the Frost Giants is best known for his high crowd control and high defense.

Who gets first pick in SMITE?

The main goal for first pick is to secure one of the best three characters in the matchup while at the same time denying any such top picks to the enemy.

Who are the best SMITE players?

Top Players of 2021 for SMITE

Player ID Player Name
1. qvofred Anders Korsbo
2. Zapman Steven Zapas
3. ScaryD Ronald Belair
4. Paul Paul Berger

Who is the least played god in Smite?

Who is the best mage in Smite?

Smite: The 13 Best Mage Ultimates, Ranked

  1. 1 The Morrigan – Changeling.
  2. 2 Agni – Rain Fire.
  3. 3 Ah Puch – Empty The Crypts.
  4. 4 Kulkulkan – Spirit Of The Nine Winds.
  5. 5 Poseidon – Release The Kraken.
  6. 6 Hera – Argus The Defender.
  7. 7 Chang’e – Waxing Moon.
  8. 8 Merlin – Elemental Mastery.

What is Max Lifesteal in Smite?

Physical Lifesteal caps at 100 while Magical Lifesteal caps at 65.

What does SR stand for in SMITE?

Skill rating. It’s really meaningless though. Ah Puch is my top because I got him in assault a few times.

What is a good MMR in SMITE?

Tier Placement isn’t considered when it comes to matchmaking, only a player’s MMR is considered. A player’s Tier Placement should be seen as an indication of where their MMR is likely around (Gold III being around 1200-1400 MMR).

Who is the number 1 Smite player?

Top Players of 2021 for SMITE

Player ID % of Total
1. qvofred 47.75%
2. Zapman 64.75%
3. ScaryD 79.87%
4. Paul 87.48%

Who should I start with in smite?

Smite: The 15 Best Gods For Beginners

  1. 1 Kukulkan: Perhaps Smite’s Best Newcomer Pick.
  2. 2 Guan Yu: A Monstrous Melee Machine From The Get-Go.
  3. 3 Agni: A Powerhouse With A User-Friendly And Deadly Ultimate.
  4. 4 Ra: The God Of The Sun Scorches From Safety.
  5. 5 Neith: The Weaver Of Fate Is A Easy-To-Pick-Up Hunter.

Who is the best God in Smite?

The 10 Best Gods In Smite, Ranked. 1 10 Sobek, God Of The Nile. A perennial staple in Joust, the Egyptian crocodile takes his talents to the new conquest map. Few gods can rival Sobek’s 2 9 Janus, God Of Portals And Transitions. 3 8 King Arthur, Wielder Of Excalibur. 4 7 Nemesis, Goddess Of Vengeance. 5 6 Apollo, God Of Music.

What is the best shapeshifting god in Smite?

Erlang Shen is another of our shapeshifting gods that is worthy of being one of the best in Smite. If there ever were a Warrior that was built like an Assassin, it would be Erlang Shen. He can throw his spear and stun enemy gods, often poking down their health one throw at a time.

Is Anhur the best God in Smite?

Too many fanboys here. Anhur is by no means the best but he, Ymir and Thanatos deserve to be higher up. Anhur is my most favourite god in smite!

Is Bellona the best God in Smite?

Bellona is one of the best gods in Smite because she is so versatile and has great survivability. The right combination of her abilities can put fear in enemies as they run away. Unfortunately for them, Bellona’s ultimate is often used to close distance on retreating foes and start the fight all over again.