Who makes lunati camshafts?

Who makes lunati camshafts?

Joe Lunati is an American drag racer and businessman. He won three National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) national titles and went on to establish the cam-grinding company, Lunati Cams, now a division of Holley.

What is a voodoo cam?

Voodoo Cams are engineered to deliver increased area under the lift curve, thus moving airflow through the intake manifold and heads earlier and for longer, which increases power, throttle response, idle vacuum and engine efficiency. And best of all, these power-making advantages are affordably priced.

Who makes Voodoo camshafts?

Combine those traits with maximum horsepower and torque, and you’ll agree: a Lunati Voodoo camshaft is the best choice for your vehicle. Nearly 200 models are available for countless applications; different styles, RPM ranges, and other options.

Does lunati make pistons?

Lunati Voodoo LS Balanced Rotating Assemblies include a Voodoo Crankshaft, H-beam rods, forged pistons, pins and rings, plus premium quality main and rod bearings.

Is lunati a good cam?

Lunati cams are quality items with good engineering and performance. A lot of east coast guys bought them. They were so successful Holley bought them out a few years ago as part of their Systemax approach to integrated performance parts to go with their carbs and intakes.

Who bought lunati cams?

Holley Performance
After negotiations, Joe Lunati sold Lunati Cams to Holley Performance in 1998. By design of the new ownership, Joe’s company was quickly changed from its one-on-one customer base to a completely different business model.

How good are lunati cams?

Is Lunati Made in USA?

The Signature line of Crankshafts from Lunati gives users the best in Forged crankshaft that are made in the USA with features typical of the high end race products. Engineered from 4340 forged non-twist steel that is known for its durability and strength in high heat applications.

Does Edelbrock own lunati?

The COMP Performance Group includes several automotive brands such as COMP Cams, TCI Automotive, FAST (Fuel Air Spark Technology), Racing Head Service (RHS), ZEX Nitrous Oxide, Inglese Induction Systems, Lunati and Crane Cams.

Is Crane Cams still in business 2021?

After 56 years of business, Crane Cams is closing, according to recent reports. The company was well-known for its performance aftermarket accessories, including electronic ignition systems and camshafts, especially in the classic American and Muscle Car segment.

Who bought Lunati cams?

Where are Lunati crankshafts forged?

Who purchased Crane Cams?

Crane Cams, a leading manufacturer of camshafts, valve train and electronic ignition components, has been acquired by Mikronite Technologies Group, Inc. of Eatontown, New Jersey.

Are lunati crankshafts made in USA?

How is a forged steel crankshaft made?

By contrast, forged cranks are created by placing a hot chunk of rolled steel between two forming dies. Pressure supplied by a forging press is used to force the rolled steel into the basic shape of a crankshaft.

Is Crane Cams back in business?

— Performance industry icon Crane Cams has re-opened under the new ownership of S&S Cycle, and is actively engaged in manufacturing and sales operations of its ignition and motorcycle lines. The company, founded by Harvey J.

Where are lunati crankshafts forged?

Which is better a forged or cast crankshaft?

But tensile strength is only one part of the picture. A forged-steel crank has an elongation rating of 20-22 percent before failure–far greater than cast iron, so ductility is the forged crank’s real advantage over cast iron.