Who originally sang Cotton Eyed Joe?

Who originally sang Cotton Eyed Joe?

Cotton Eye Joe (Rednex song)

“Cotton Eye Joe”
Songwriter(s) Janne Ericsson Örjan Öban Öberg Pat Reiniz Patrik ”The Hitmaker” Lindqvist
Producer(s) Pat Reiniz
Rednex singles chronology
“Cotton Eye Joe” (1994) “Old Pop in an Oak” (1995)

Where are the Rednex from?

SwedenRednex / Origin

What is slang for Cotton-Eyed Joe?

An Urban Dictionary entry lists the term Cotton Eye Joe as: “The act of a man having his urethra swabbed to test for STDs. Advertisement. “Or just another name for STDs because you have to get the swabbing.”

Where is the band Rednex from?

How many versions of Cotton Eyed Joe are there?

One discography lists 134 recorded versions released since 1950. In more recent decades, the song has waned in popularity in most regions except some parts of the American South, where it is still a popular folk song.

What happened to the Rednex?

In 2012, Rednex announced that they were effectively dissolving as a permanent band, and would instead tour with varying lineups of one female and three male performers – there was even a franchised version of the group specifically created to perform in Australia and New Zealand.

Is Rednex Swedish?

Rednex is a Swedish musical group, originally consisting of the lead singer Mary Joe (Annika Ljungberg), alongside Bobby Sue (Kent Olander), Ken Tacky (Arne Arstrand), Billy Ray (Jonas Nilsson) and Mup (Patrick Edenberg).

Where is Cotton Eye Joe popular?

“Cotton-Eyed Joe” is a popular American country song known at various times throughout the United States and Canada, although today it is most commonly associated with the American South.

When did Cotton Eye Joe come out?

1995Cotton Eye Joe / Released

Who owns Rednex?

Rednex AB is owned by Örjan Öberg, Jan Ericsson and Ranis Edenberg. Trademark notice: All rights in and to the name, sign, trademark and/or symbol REDNEX is the property of Rednex AB.

What happened Rednex?

Where are Rednex from?