Who originally sang the song Oh well?

Who originally sang the song Oh well?

Fleetwood Mac
“Oh Well” is a song first recorded by the rock band Fleetwood Mac in 1969, composed by vocalist and lead guitarist Peter Green.

Who wrote the Fleetwood Mac song Oh well?

Peter GreenOh Well / ComposerPeter Allen Greenbaum, known professionally as Peter Green, was an English blues rock singer-songwriter and guitarist. As the founder of Fleetwood Mac, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998. Wikipedia

Who passed away in Fleetwood Mac?

Peter Green
Peter Green, the English guitarist and singer who founded Fleetwood Mac, died on Saturday. He was 73. He died in his sleep, according to a statement from his family’s solicitors, Swan Turton.

What does the saying oh well mean?

mild disappointment
Interjection. oh well. (idiomatic) An expression of mild disappointment or resignation; too bad, it’s a pity.

Who did vocals on oh well?

Fleetwood MacOh Well / Artist

Who played lead guitar on oh well?

‘Oh Well, Part 1’ – Fleetwood Mac

Players: Peter Green–vocals, guitar Jeremy Spencer–guitar Danny Kirwan–guitar John McVie–bass Mick Fleetwood–drums
Album: Then Play On (Reprise, 1969)

What does well well well mean?

Indicating pondering or consideration
Indicating pondering or consideration, often with sarcasm or mock surprise.

What kind of phrase is oh well?

As an interjection expressing resignation or mild disappointment, oh well has no comma. To place a comma between oh and well would change the meaning of the phrase.

When did Stevie Nicks join Fleetwood Mac?

After starting her career as a duo with her then-boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham, releasing the album Buckingham Nicks to little success, Nicks joined Fleetwood Mac in 1975, helping the band to become one of the best-selling music acts of all time with over 120 million records sold worldwide.

Where does well well well come from?

I humbly thank you; well, well, well . Show activity on this post. It’s from The Wizard of Oz (1039), when the Wicked Witch of the West corners Dorothy in her castle.

What does the phrase Oh well mean?